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Woman killed by robbers while playing Pokemon Go As she Witnesses the robbery




A woman in New Mexico has been shot dead after she witnessed a chase of the robbers while playing Pokemon Go, in a park. According to the police reports, the woman was there with her boyfriend. 

The incident took place late at night, on Friday evening, when the woman was looking for Pokemons with her boyfriend in the Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque.

The police have confirmed the name of the victim to be Cayla Campos, and her boyfriend, Sidney. But no traces of identification have been recovered yet, about the robbers.

On asking the locals nearby, the police got the confirmation that the couple used to play Pokemon Go, almost every day at the park, during this time. However, eyewitnesses could not be found as the incident happened late at night. 

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According to the reports given by the police, the incident was sudden and the woman has been by a gunshot only. The police even explained the incident in short, saying that the two were probably busy playing Pokemon Go, and probably a sudden eye contact happened between the woman and the chasers. Before the couple could drive away their car, the chasers flooded gunshots upon them and one of them struck her which lead to the car, crash into a house. 

The robbers, however, managed to escape just after striking the gunshot, when she crashed the car.

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