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Tristan Thompson tries to win back Khloe Kardashian while she shows off Balloons




Tristan Thompson throws a surprise party in honor of the Khloe Kardashian fragrance launch, and Khloe ends up gushing about her co-parenting system.

Khloe Kardashian has launched her new fragrance in collaboration with Kim Kardashian, KKW on November 8, and Tristan left no chance to impress her ex. 

Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend gave out a surprise balloon to her, which had the name Pink Diamond and kept it in her living room. 

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However, Khloe was quite pleased to get the surprise and also filmed her Instagram story on Friday, with it. 

Khloe took to Instagram and expressed her feelings by saying, “Today was the launch of my pink diamond collection with KKW Fragrance, and I got these balloons sent to me from baby True and Tristan, and I appreciate the love and thoughtfulness.”

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