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The newly developed DNA methods could crack the murder case, but NY is not allowing




After Irene Wilkowitz’s sister went missing, the police came to the door after two days with her body. 

According to the reports, the body of the woman was found lying in Bay Shore at a neighbor’s courtyard. The police also confirmed the fact that she was seen getting in a late-night Long Island RailRoad train from Penn Station in Manhattan. 

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The police had suspected that the 20-year old girl was probably raped or kidnapped on her way back home from work but couldn’t reach any conclusion yet.

Years went by, and the police only experimented with several suspects and even looked out for many forensic tests, but nothing could solve the biggest murder mystery. 

However, on further investigation, it was found that a closer relative of the victim had pushed the police to go for a new option, called the investigative genetic genealogy. 

The investigation of the police would have enabled the police to submit the killer’s DNA, which was found in semen, left on her sister’s body. 

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But, it has been known from sources that the New York Health officials have limited the investigators from doing so.

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