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The Mexico Mormon massacre suddenly hits home




A loud bang suddenly hit the houses of Mexico, followed by commotion and screams, and everybody was so panicked. 

A 7-year boy was also present amidst the chaos, scared and confused, not knowing what to do. It was probably the first time the child heard such a violent gunshot and saw the revolver coming near. 

In a city like Mexico, the mass has stayed afar from the world of guns and has always remained amidst the cattle ranches and copper mines. So, while facing such a situation, they were not at all prepared for it. 

It came as a shock for Mexico people who have spent their whole lives since childhood, to see such a massacre. 

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The locals have reported the comparison of how Mexico once used to be and how it has transformed over time due to the drug havoc of the United States. 

Robert lives in Texas and works from home due to certain family commitments. He is the gem of a person, and an expert in covering the local news. Due to his expertise in the general news, he writes for the Headlines column of He has immense experience in print media. He has been with the team ever since the website was started.

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