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Robert Parker

Writer (Headlines)

Robert lives in Texas and works from home due to certain family commitments. He is the gem of a person, and an expert in covering the local news. Due to his expertise in the general news, he writes for the Headlines column of He has immense experience in print media. He has been with the team ever since the website was started.

Samantha Miller

Writer (Entertainment)

Samantha is the mind behind which she started a few years back when she has to give up on her job due to some personal issues. She started the website, with his online friend Robert Parker, and since then she never looked back. She has a keen interest in the entertainment category, and she had even worked for a magazine for 4 years. Thus, she writes about celebrities and related news. Apart from writing, she is the one who does all the management for the website as well.

Shelly Wilson

Editor, Writer (Entertainment)

Shelly recently joined and manages to write for the Entertainment section. Her writing skills are great so apart from writing, she manages to proofread other publications as well before they go live. She works as an Editor and Writer. She makes sure that the contents that we publish, are error-free, and grammatically correct. She has a charming personality, and she is quite friendly with the team members.

Tonya Gilbert

Writer (Health)

Tonya is a health enthusiast, and thus, she writes for the Health section of the website. She makes sure that the news that she covers, and writes are useful for our readers. She also makes sure to avoid to write about rumors. She has been working in the online publishing industry for more than 2 years now, and with that experience, she tries her best to take the website to the next level.