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Scientists are aiming to grow Cancer in a lab with the aim to stop the disease before it develops




A group of scientists in the UK and the US has been assigned to research the process of restricting Cancer cells before it starts developing in the body. 

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The alliance of scientists has been allotted a project amount of £55. It aims to develop a treatment strategy that will have the capability to wipe-off even the last stage of cancer and at the same time, be cost-effective over other expensive treatments. 

Reportedly, the project amount will be invested in giving birth to a tumor, in lab-grown human tissue. If everything happens accordingly and the results are successful, then it will be considered as the most unique type of research, ever made in the history of medical science. 

The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) has filtered out some experts from the top universities of the UK and the US, including Cancer Research UK to ensure the early intention of cost-effective last stage cancer treatment. 

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We are already a step ahead because scientists have already started experimenting regarding the process of taking out the particular cells from the body which shows high risks of cancer. Not only that but probably a 3D printer will also be introduced to reproduce those affected cells and test them to see how they tend to become cancerous.  

According to further reports, they will also come up with a number of screening tests that will be capable of detecting various cancers and will also detect the cells which have the chance to lead to cancer in the future. 

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