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Major Facebook redesign set to be introduced soon




These changes to focus on privacy protection and making Facebook a community

Facebook has had its share of issues when it comes to the privacy of its users in the year 2018 and has been forced to admit to their faults. Facebook has decided to reconcile and win back its users trust by redesigning Facebook all together with major privacy implications, the company also hopes to make it more community-friendly than it currently is.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this decision at a packed Facebook F8 event in California where its headquarters is located. In a brave move, he openly admitted to his company’s failings in issues that concern the privacy and security of user data. He issued a public apology and addressed the fact that his platform has definitely lost a lot of the trust that their users have in them before talking about the redesigning.

This is one of the most game-changing modifications being made to the social media giant, the new version which has been christened with the code name FB5 will be the most modified version to be released yet. With almost every feature receiving some kind of modification and a dozen additional features being introduced, it is one of the biggest facelifts the platform will have ever received.

FB5 will have updates to both its mobile application and its website. The aims will be solely on making Facebook more of a community-based site by introducing the concept of groups, it will also focus on making the application and website, faster, easier to use, more secure and not to mention a lot more appealing to the eyes.

These updates are expected to come into effect as soon as they are system compatible. When it comes to the concept of groups that Zuckerberg seems to have made the main modification this time around. These so-called Groups will be easier to find and much easier to participate in, this is achieved by a redesigned Groups tab. This tab shows you a personalized feed of all your groups which enables you to access and focus on your communities rather than having to conduct a search for them each time. While all this is admirable and the new stringent security ensures that the information of the users remains private, it still remains to be seen whether a facelift can restore the trust that has been lost multiple times over the past two years.

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