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Kylie Jenner dresses up her daughter Stormi as herself for Halloween




Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala dress came in the extra small size when her daughter Stormi was seen posing in it, on Instagram. 

The little Jenner looked exactly like her mom in the lavender Versace dress, which was laced with feathery puffy sleeves and accompanied by a similar-colored wig. 

Stormi almost took over the whole Instagram, and it started flooding in with several comments and reposts, and soon, it became a trending story. 

Jenner herself updated the post on her Instagram account, accompanied by the caption “My Baby!!!!” The caption also read, “I can’t handle this!” further. 

Jenner and her husband just went through a split recently, earlier this month, and she seems to have found her long-lost happiness in her daughter. 

However, the media has come across and questioned Kylie several times whether she is thinking about getting back to and uniting with her husband.

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Though none of them have expressed anything regarding this, it seems like the differences between them have piled up over time, and now there is probably no coming back. 

Kylie Jenner has, however, talked to the media after the split and said how she is getting back to life without letting any negativity affect her. 

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