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Impacts Of Internet On Entertainment




Evolution is the law of nature. We have all come across this phrase at least once in our lifetime. However, if there is one example that has helped justify the phrase, it would be the “Internet.” Over the years, the internet has helped the way people work, feel, understand, explain, purchase, revolutionize. It has become an indispensable part of human life. Starting from the way we find the shortest route to the nearest salon to the way we order our food, the internet has left its mark everywhere.

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The internet has also strongly affected the way we entertain ourselves.  Reading hardcover books, running it all out playing hide and seek, glancing the watch every now and then, to check if its time for your preferred cartoon, all are hardly relatable these days. All credit goes to the internet.

The effects of the internet are quite evidently visible among the youngest members of the family. With their favorite cartoons on the loop, they let their parents go by without even glancing at them for a second. These young ones would come back home from school only to be elated by the fact that they would get on to watch the episodes of looney tunes. Let’s not lie about it parents; you too have at some point in time lured them with an anime to get something done by them. Thanks to the internet, we have the cartoons at the click of a button, anytime, every time!

As this kid goes on to become a youth, the internet takes a different role in his life. Gone are the cartoon-days. Playing internet games is the norm of the day. Unlike good old days, when young people decided a place to meet up for the evening games, the entire focus has now shifted to online games. Kids these days call up each other to get one online so that they can hang around each other, remotely, but yet being together either facing off each other or fighting a hard battle against a formidable enemy, all but virtually.

Playing games online or taking on the internet to watch cartoons online can be exciting for the younger ones of the family. But, the adults might have a completely different world of their own. Might be you are loaded with work and up for some real quick refreshment. Check out some comic videos? Well, you also have the option of connecting to people with your friends from across the globe. Transferred to a distant land where you hardly get a theatre in the vicinity? Well, the internet might be the solution to all your cravings for the favorite movies recently released!

Sometimes, the internet changes our behavior irrespective of age. Well, you might be out on vacation, and the flight gets delayed by an hour. Complete the final episode of the web-series that you thought you would have to wait to complete until you reach your destination. Stuck in a jam? Well, why not refresh yourself before the board exams with some soothing music and do away with all the honking around.

The internet has completely changed the way we entertain ourselves. It might have made our lives more convenient, but is the word entertainment not losing its meaning altogether with the ample availability of itself in every way possible? Well, this would be a question that can be debated. But nevertheless, the internet has revolutionized the entertainment industry. And we, all of us have embraced the change with open arms.

Shelly recently joined and manages to write for the Entertainment section. Her writing skills are great so apart from writing, she manages to proofread other publications as well before they go live. She works as an Editor and Writer. She makes sure that the contents that we publish, are error-free, and grammatically correct. She has a charming personality, and she is quite friendly with the team members.

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