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Broadway to add a new entertainment area to its beach plans soon




According to the documents that have been submitted regarding the Myrtle Beach plans suggest that the Broadway at the Beach is thinking to develop a new entertainment area, where the AMC movie theatre once existed. 

The AMC theatre was taken down by the authorities earlier this year, and now the authorities are considering to replace the space with an entertainment area, called “The Hangout.”

Unlike AMC theatre, it will consist of the center area of the space only, and the surrounding will be filled with different retail shops. 

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The hangout will also feature its yard and a separate space for the stage. Further information suggests that the retail shops will have an interior similar to the strip design. Going by the plants, there will also be a building named “Future.” 

According to the statement given by Broadway to the WMBF news that they are quite excited to host the launch by the year 2020. They also assured that they would be sharing more updates with the media.

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