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Bacteria need genetic ‘passcode’ to survive in the human gut




Bacteria living inside the human intestines find the human gut to be a dangerous place to reside. The toxins produced by the bacteria inside the intestine is highly contradicted by the toxins produced by the human body. 

In the Nature journal, the information regarding the microbial activity inside the human intestine. According to the research results by Howard Hughes Medical Institute, it is the microbial supplements present inside the body that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. 

Reportedly, gut bacteria outnumber the human cells from 10 to 1 and are collectively called gut microbiome, which plays a significant role in human health. It performs the body’s maintenance activities by helping individuals digest it, induce vitamins, keeping the surface of the gut intact, and wipe off the harmful bacteria. 

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The research team is currently working on a bacterial defense mechanism called the type VI secretion system, which acts as a molecular syringe. The particular syringe is capable of kicking the toxins to the next cell, which then break down the cell walls, cleave the membranes, and thoroughly chew off the cells. 

Further research says that these bacteria use the immunity genes to neutralize the toxins and protect them from harm. The invading bacteria which lack the right genes get kicked off from the intestine.

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