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Antonio Banderas recalls the memories of the 90s when Madonna pursued him




Did you know that the beautiful Madonna once had a massive crush on Antonio Banderas? But the actor seems to be completely unaware of the fact. 

The handsome actor recently appeared in The Jess Cagle Show where he was asked by the hosts Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham to recall one of Madonna’s segments from the movie, Madonna: Truth or Dare. The reason behind this was to bring the fact to the surface by showing how the actress has expressed her attraction towards the actor and also portrayed her failed attempts to hook up with him. 

However, what came as a surprise was the fact that the actor himself had no idea about the fact that Madonna can ever have such a crush on him. He was not even aware of the fact that he was a part of Madonna’s docu-drama ever. 

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Antonio Banderas went on recalling the fact when Madonna first called him up when he was shooting for The Mambo Kings in Los Angeles. At first, he thought that it might be a joke as he couldn’t believe that Madonna can ever call him up.

Madonna had called him to show him the documentary, and the actor still couldn’t revive from the shock. She wanted to let him know about his presence in the documentary as his crush and wanted him to acknowledge the fact.

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