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Angelina Jolie reveals her mental state after the split with Brad Pitt and how she overcame it during shooting Maleficent 2




Angelina Jolie makes a confession about her break down after splitting up with Brad Pitt and describes how she had to go through a tough time to shoot the role of Mistress of Evil, in Maleficent 2. 

The actress confronted that she was not feeling quite well mentally, for a long time now, and the sudden split with Pitt broke down her mental state. 

She herself said that at some point of time, she was not even sure whether or not she will be able to do justice to the role while going through such a state of mind. She literally had to struggle and prepare her mind and rehearse a lot before facing the camera as she said to the People magazine. 

It was quite a crucial time for the actress to show her best, on-screen because she was doing a comeback after almost four years. 

Jolie was very tensed about how people are going to react to her acting and how they are going to react to her on-screen role play. However, she is quite relieved after seeing the positive reaction of the audience. 

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