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A man from Radcliffe has been charged for killing a child of one-year




Orianna Crilly-Cifrova, the 12-month old baby girl, has been killed by a 21-year old man named James Chadwick, from Radcliffe. 

Cross Lane, Radcliffe | Photo Credit: Google

Reportedly, James Chadwick is a resident of Cross Lane, in Radcliffe and was arrested along with a 19-year old woman, Chelsea Crilly who comes from Warwick Road, Atherton, in Greater Manchester. 

While Mr. Chadwick was taken in charge of murdering the one-year-old, the woman, Ms. Crilly, probably helped the guy in torturing and harming the baby before the murder was committed. 

The one-year-old was first traced brutally hurt at a property on Cross Lane on Wednesday, where the police came, at around 2:25 PM. Though emergency services were provided, and she was attended by specialist doctors, the baby girl could not be saved. 

However, it is suspected that they have kidnapped the child because possibly no patents can commit such a horrendous act of murder. 

Even the heart of the Police, handling the case, was shaken at times, thinking, how cruel humans can be which lead to such a devastating situation. 

Till now, the accused have not been given any judgment and have only been produced at the court, for trial. 

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