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1-year toddler passed away, and the Grandfather is being charged for the cause




During a cruise tour in the summer this year, a one-year toddler fell from her grandfather’s arms and died. Now, after a thorough investigation, the police are charging the toddler’s grandfather as the suspect. 

Reportedly, the grandfather named Salvatore Anello of 51 was holding up her granddaughter and lifted her, through an open window. Leading to this, the judge of Puerto Rico issued a warrant against him. According to CNN, he has been released with a notice of further appearance on November 20. 

According to the reports presented by the police, the toddler named Chloe was released from her grandfather’s arms in the children’s play area. After that, she rolled down ten stories and got hit on a concrete dock and fell from there. 

But the family of the toddler came up with valid points with the help of their attorney and tried to deny the fact of the policy altogether. Defending the grandfather, their family attorney said that even though the child was in her grandfather’s arms, he is not at all responsible for whatever happened. 

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According to the family, her grandfather was utterly unaware of the fact that there was no glass protection against the window panes, seeing them. Chloe, who always had the habit of banging on the mirrors of the window, went to do the same here and fell. So, there’s no mark of suspicion towards the grandfather from the family’s end.

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