Zodiac Signs Not Meant to Be Living Together at All

Mutal understanding is demanded between the parties in any relationship as the sense of happiness and comfort assures that in future they will be going to prosper. It is imperative to know the personality traits of each other when you were going to decide to live together under one roof.

Although one may consider it as a stepping stone towards a long-term commitment many people end up in a bad relationship if they haven’t given it a proper thought. Now as you may realize that there were many differences which you overlooked in the past and you are getting familiar with them at the moment.

This scenario leads to opposition between the couple and causes the parting of ways. It will save a lot of your time if you have a fair idea of your partner’s expectations for you.

So if you are interested in moving in together at least learn about the different expectations that you both will be having. As each zodiac sign has different personality traits. And it is often seen that one zodiac sign may thrive in a particular situation while it may not be acceptable to the other sun sign.

Hence to avoid these troubles at any later stage, you shall have an idea whether as a couple will live together with tranquillity or is it difficult a task. So before moving in along, we at Rad Beaver have compiled a list of the very well known polar opposite sun signs for cohabitation.


The question of living together is entirely a different story although both these sun signs share the same ruling planet of Mercury which makes them both proficient at communication.

Virgo is inclined more towards practical side of things while Gemini is more of thinkers and sharing ideas and communicating what they feel about a specific subject. Virgos have little tolerance for others point views and putting them into practice. In case if these two signs decide to get along, then because of contrasting personality traits Virgo will choose to leave the relationship. The relations will only work for a short period, not sustainable for a long-term commitment.


As one of the most influential traits between them that both share passion and they both look forward to physical intimacy. Leo with their excessive need to have a partner which will pamper their ego and admire them unconditionally and Scorpio feeling it a one-sided affair as they feel their love is not getting the response on the same level.

Instead of realizing the conflict of interests between them both will become confrontational. The perception that the other is not caring and understanding will take roots. On any matter, each will be convinced of their opinion without agreeing to any point.
It is better to turn down the opportunity of living together than a later split.


Initially, they attract each other because these sun signs are very ambitious and goal oriented. However, Capricorn are more calculated, deliberate on a matter in detail and are very methodical in their approach. Aries is always in a rush to achieve their objective on the other hand.

The extremely annoying thing for a Capricorn is the lack of collective decision making on the part of Aries as they will often not take their partner into confidence before a crucial matter. No doubt Aries is just as determined as a Capricorn but they will be prone to making rash decisions and not be giving issue too much thought before diving right into it.

Capricorn will perceive Aries as irresponsible no matter whether it is financial decisions or things regarding career.


Taurus people are more towards relationship stability and very stubborn about the way things should be in a relationship. These both signs should never think about moving in together at all despite how much chemistry they may share, but they have the different set of values.

They are very loyal and loving, but this makes them too possessive of their partner. Sagittarius, on the other hand, doesn’t like to be tied down as they don’t conform to a certain timetable and look for spontaneity and living in the moment. This adventurous spirit of Sagittarius will obviously make the settled Taurus nervous and uncomfortable and they both will lack that feeling of comfort you derive from a relationship.


Of all the zodiac signs Cancer’s are very emotionally sensitive, and they will make every attempt to make their home as full of love as possible when they decide to move in with their partner. On the other hand, Libra, do appreciate their partner’s efforts but at the same time, they also want an active social life. They might opt to enjoy outside the home and to hang out with friends.


Both are very romantic and fantasize about their relationship because both are the water signs and there will be a definite chemistry between the two. They will not be able to face the real-life challenges together and eventually will get apart.

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Zodiac Signs Not Meant to Be Living Together at All

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