Why Women Get Wet At The Most Inopportune Times

The human body doesn’t typically work the way we want it to when we want it to. When our sexual organs start reacting in public, it can cause quite a bit of confusion and embarrassment. Men know that popping a boner in public can ruin your social life. Women can actually go through the same thing.

8. Why Women Get Wet

Women get wet because their body is getting ready for inevitable intercourse. It’s the body’s way of saying, “I’m ready for some slippery action.” Something external has signaled the brain to internally prepare for sex. However, it can be quite embarrassing when you get wet at the most inopportune moments beginning with #7.

7. They’re Obviously Ovulating


Ovulation is another common time when women tend to get a little moist in the crotch. The process allows the cervix to get rid of the mucus block so sperm can swim embarrassing into the uterus. The signaled substance lets the sperm slide along its journey without any interference or inhibitions.

6. Me So Horny

The most obvious answer for why women get wet at inappropriate moments is because they are horny. Perhaps they just saw the latest romantic film with an actor that does it for them. Or maybe they just got a look from the sexy guy at the bar. At least it’s not happening in front of a professional in #5.

5. In Front Of Your Gynecologist

Getting a regular checkup with the gynecologist is important for female health. It’s the only time you are able to get a status update on your personal anatomy. Getting wet in front of the doctor can be embarrassing, but it’s completely normal. Getting naked and opening your legs is what the body knows before having sex.

4. After You’ve Done The Deed

After your body has been through a lengthy and pleasurable “sexcapade,” some women might notice they are getting wet after they have done the deed. There is a simple answer for why this happens. Your body expels any excess moisture and vaginal juices that have been mixed with semen. At least you’re not feeling #3 when it happens.

3. Horror Horniness

A woman can also get wet when she is having intense feelings of fear or vulnerability. There’s a perfectly good explanation for it, too. If a woman is about to get raped, her body will send the signal to get wet to alleviate any pain associated with the horrific event.

2. After A Sweaty Workout

Some women may find their undergarments soaking after a good workout. We’re not talking about the sweat, either. After an intense exercise, the liquid that surrounds the vaginal walls falls off with every vigorous movement. Don’t worry; you don’t have a fetish for exercise. The answer can be as simple as #1.

1. Continuously Getting Wet

The vagina releases a normal discharge on a daily basis. Since the vagina is never technically dry, the discharge is a continuous process. The average female will release around a teaspoon of the odorless discharge per day. It’s a perfectly regular thing and has nothing to do with being horny and geared up for sex.

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Why Women Get Wet At The Most Inopportune Times

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