“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs “

Zodiac tells a lot of the things about you. Being in love is easy, you can promise to your heart’s content that you will be his and he will be yours forever but this is not easy to keep up with. You have to deal with a lot when you are in love. When everything goes right it feels like you are in heaven but when it comes to sacrifices and all the bad moments it feels like the love is fading away. This is something you don’t get to feel in the initial moments of love.

If you feel like you are being cheated you don’t take chances anymore, you feel betrayed and your feelings for that person gets lost. This is a simple article that will help you to know how much loyal you are on the basis of your zodiac:

1. Aries:

This is the sign considered as the warriors from the day they are born. Everything is a war for them. They are strongest, you need to be dealing with things that keep you conquered. This is the way that will keep you interested in your partner. You will stay loyal to your loved one until he betrays you.

2. Taurus:

Taurus stays loyal until one plays with their heart. Nothing bothers them easily, nothing breaks them and confuses them easily. They are the strongest of all.

3. Gemini:

Their mind is working 24/7 and more than you can ever think. So never try to act over smart in front of them. This is ruled by mercury and if someone tries to be smart you don’t stay with that person.

4. Cancer:

The Cancerians are really possessive about their loved ones, really care about them. You should love to stay with them. If you are a Cancerian then one should be proud to have you.

5. Leo:

They are not judged by anyone. They love to get appreciated and applauses. When someone makes a leo fool or insult them, they don’t get away with it and are left alone.

6. Virgo:

Virgos are really aware of everything around them and support criticism. They are keen observers, they will give you all their attention and love. If you find your partner lying you’ll probably end up with them.

7. Libra:

They are eager to find peace. They make their surroundings a happy place to live, and if you try to mess them you’ll probably find yourself out of their league. The things will stay on your side if you keep loyal to them.

8. Scorpio:

If you try to hide something from them they’ll find it out and haunt you. They are aggressive if you hide something or lie with them, if you are a scorpion you should keep eye on everyone to avoid getting hurt.

9. Sagittarius:

They will easily get offended by little things. If you try to make them feel bad they’ll get on your nerves. You don’t wait for things to get better you just start hating that person at the exact moment and swore to hate them till death. If someone fails to get your trust you don’t bother them again.

10. Capricorn:

You want to measure the love of your partner by seeing how much they stay around you. Its really hard to stick around a Capricorn sometimes people give up to that.

11. Aquarius:

They love to give and take attention, they can easily get attracted to you but if you try to be fake their love fades away too. This is the time you know the loyalty of people.

12. Pisces:

They will want to stay with you until you have faith in them and what they are doing. Their loyalty measures are that how much you admire them, support them and motivate them to achieve a goal. Believing is all they want.

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“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs “

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