What’s Your Sign? How Your Zodiac Sign Determines What Kind Of Love Making You Like

The zodiac derives from a Greek word that means “circle of animals.” The 12 lunar cycles for the sun are said to create certain characteristics for each person depending on when they are born. This will naturally have a lot to do with someone’s preferences and personality qualities when it comes to love, but it can also tell you what you’ll like when it comes to sex.

Some people will argue that it is all bologna and people will develop and learn their own traits depending on how they were raised, where they grow up, and who they surround themselves with. Take a look at each sign’s bedroom behavior and be the judge yourself.

12. Aquarius – Toys

Those born under the sign Aquarius are known to be quite temperamental and independent which is probably why they lean towards toys. Toys can give you an incredibly pleasurable experience without the help of a partner. Or you can have just as much fun sharing it with someone. They might get along with our Pisces partners in #11.


11. Pisces – Escapism

Pisces are very artistic and intuitive which leads to wanting to develop and encourage fantasy in the bedroom. Innocent fetishes are quite common with this sign, and they love to bring a more spiritual and romantic air to their bedroom. They dislike cruelty of any kind, so you might have to stick with the innocent stuff for safety.

10. Aries – Sex In Public

Aries are known as courageous and determined people who show enthusiasm in nearly everything they do. They are quite impatient and don’t like their lives getting stagnant. They are passionate and honest and quite impulsive. It is no wonder they like to do the deed in dangerous places, such as out in public.


9. Taurus – Getting Messy

A typical Taurus loves working outdoors with their hands and not afraid to get a little dirty. It is the sign that “harvests the fruits of labor” so take them out into the garden or get frisking while painting the fence. They love cooking, so bring your dinner into the bedroom. Now let’s take a look at our crazy Gemini friends in #8.

8. Gemini – Changes Of Pace

Geminis can get bored really quickly, so it is important to keep their attention. Sometimes Geminis will extend foreplay because it is more stimulating that the act itself. Geminis are naturally indecisive, but it might be a good thing to add a little variety. They learn fast, so get ready for the ride.


7. Cancer – Role Play

Cancers are very imaginative beings and also quite persuasive, so you are going to want to keep your eye on them. They love to pretend, so get ready to dive into faraway imaginary worlds. They can be very challenging to get to know, but you’ll learn all about them in the sack.

6. Leo – Sex Outdoors

Leos love the theater and going out on vacations to exotic places. They can be quite arrogant, which is why they love having sex outdoors. We’re not talking in the garden like a Taurus. Think the top of the Eiffel Tower. It’s not as crazy as those crazy Virgos in #5!


5. Virgo – Humiliation

Virgos are known to be quite shy and even sometimes overly critical of themselves and others, which is why they enjoy getting humiliated during sexy time. They will break down their ability to please and expect their partner to put them in their place. They are often tender in public, but private time is when they let loose.

4. Libra – Fans Of The Rear

Many astrology virtuosos will tell you that each sign is associated with a certain body part, and Libras just happen to be the lucky ones to land on the butt. Someone has to do it. They tend to avoid confrontation, so that is the side of them you will likely see the most.


3. Scorpio – Mind Games

Scorpios are notorious for being distrusting, very secretive, and jealous, sometimes resorting to violence, so you are going to want to be careful and not let your guard down around them. They will be trying to pull power plays. Wait until you see what Sagittarius sex is like in #2!

2. Sagittarius – Tag-Teaming

Your average Sagittarius has a wonderful sense of humor and can therefore not be taken too seriously. This also has to do with their attitude about sex, because they are competitive and might want to prove their sexual prowess by involving other people into the mix. Where do you think their curiosity and generosity comes from?


1. Capricorn – Repression Fantasies

Capricorns are known to be very calculating and are quite careful about the choices they make. They definitely don’t want someone to see them get into trouble in public. Once they are in the privacy of their own bedroom it’s game on! Get ready to hear their deep and dark fantasies.

Many people will have different qualities from each sign, so it is important to take them with a grain of salt. It is pretty amazing how accurate most of these are. Some of them are pretty spot on. Use them as a tool to guide you and your partner through your personal journey together to Grind Town.

The alignment of the stars changes with each passing second and even the most detailed traits of each sign can change and adapt in an instant. What other sexy traits did we miss for each of the zodiac signs? Post some more personalities in the comments!

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What’s Your Sign? How Your Zodiac Sign Determines What Kind Of Love Making You Like

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