Tom Hanks Will Play Mister Rogers In ‘You Are My Friend”

Was there anyone superior to Mister Rogers? Notwithstanding being a standout amongst the most darling youngsters’ show has, Rogers spent his life urging everybody to be a nice individual and following his own particular guidance. So he’s not just well known, he’s the Platonic thought of a pleasant individual in a great deal of psyches, which implies reports that Tom Hanks will take him on bodes well.

Hanks, who gains a great deal of affection himself, will handle the part in the biopic You Are My Friend, which concentrates on Rogers’ companionship with writer Tom Junod, as indicated by The Hollywood Reporter:

The feature is inspired by a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and award-winning journalist Junod. In the heart-warming story, a cynical journalist begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write a profile piece on the beloved icon and finds his perspective on life transformed.

That would be, particularly, this profile, from 1998, which investigates the many, numerous in-person visits Rogers made to individuals, from Koko the Gorilla to a mishandled kid with cerebral paralysis, and what he intends to others. You most likely should hold up to peruse it until you’re somewhere you can cry: It’s an entrancing perused that dives profound into Rogers and how his religious convictions and individual feeling of obligation educated his each activity, points of interest a portion of the general population he went by, and even slides Junod into exposing a couple of things about himself. It’s justified regardless of a perused without anyone else, and with Hanks in the number one spot, should make for another edge on a man who just needed to be an aide.


(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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Tom Hanks Will Play Mister Rogers In ‘You Are My Friend”

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