Things You DIDN’T KNOW About the Kids from Stranger Things

Interesting things you really need to know about your favourite kids from Stranger things

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People always love to know about their favourite actors and actress. So Here I have compiled a list of things that would really like to know about your favourite kids from your favourite show.

Millie is deaf


Millie Bobby brown was born with partial loss of hearing. As she gets older her hearing being to go away and now she is completely in deaf in one ear. Mille is also passionate about singing and she keeps practicing it all the time to hear her voice from her one ear.

Gaten has Cleidocranial Dysplasia


You probably already know that 14 years old Gaten Matarazzo has an iconic charm to the entire show but you might not know that this actor suffer from a rarely generic disease called Cleidocranial Dysplasia. According to the actor itself, there are one in million chances to born with disease, this affects the development of bones and teeth and condition can vary from one person to another. This is the reason that the Gaten teeth look like this, But he is very lucky that this disease didn’t give him much trouble.

Finn Wolfhard was cast in it first

Most of us have seen Finn Wolfhard in the first season of stranger things for the first time. However he was cast first in 2017 remake of it first. However, luckily production of it was postponed to make Finn appear in stranger things. Fins make him an icon by appearing in it and stranger things in the age of only 14.

They all went trick or treating


The all kids went on trick or treating on this Halloween. All in costume, no one recognized them. Millie Brown has made a joke that if anyone asked you are the kid from stranger thing and I would reply no. It’s really painful that worldwide recognition has made it difficult for kids to have fun.

Finn struggled with bullying


Finn Wolfhard who played the role of Mike in stranger things has suffered bullying on this home, school and then at Canada. Well on the premiere of the show everything got changed and Finn said that when he returned back to his school the children who use to bully him are now afraid of him.

The kids watched the classics


In order to prepare for their role the Duffer brothers asked them to watch classical movie of 1980 such as Stand by me, The Goonies and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial etc. All the movies that Differ Brothers suggested were an inspiration for stranger things.

Many interviewers tried to ask them about the stranger things before release. They all wanted to know about the things before release because they thought that they are only kids and they will definitely slip out about details. But they were trained not to speak much with interviewers and Millie Bobby Brown said now I am an expert at hiding things because I practiced so much on my family.

The cast changed the plot of the show

The Duffer brothers actually intended every season of Stranger Things to centre on a new story set in the different decade. With the last season of the show filmed in 2020 and will be released in 2020. However Duffer brother decided with all the caste of Stranger things and all the kids and other decided to film in the residence of Hawkins in the end.

Finn auditioned from his home

Finn is the only kid in the movie who auditioned for Stranger things from the comfort of this home. He auditioned with his IPhone because he was sick at the time and unable to go to outside.


The kids have potty mouths

The kids have serious potty mouths. In season 2 kids were seen cursing more than in season 1 because they get a little bit older and have seen a lot of scary stuff.

Gaten was the first to be cast

The charming Gaten Matarazzo was the first who played the role of Dustin in the Stranger things was first to be casted in the show. In this interview his lips were seen more prominent which were in this favour?

Saddie and Millie are close friends


Saddie and Millie are more close friends than any other in the cast. Saddie is a new addition in the season 2 and they consider them as really close friends. Even they were together on the family summer holidays.

Millie is British

The actress who played the role of Eleven in the Stranger things and impressed all with her beautiful American accent is actually a British girl. She was born to two British parents in Barcelona, Spain. She said that she changed her accent by watching tons of Disney shows.

Controversial Comments:

The kids are victim of thousands of controversial comments. Since the premiere of season 2, the kids and the cast got many inappropriate comments from people and Hollywood. Recently 27 years old model Ellie Michael said that Finn should hit her up in coming four years. Even Millie Boby Brown has been listed as sexiest lady by a Magazine. This caused a plenty of pushback for both the kids and caste and by the public.

All have favourite 80’s Movies

Since all the kids were advised to watch the 80’s classical movies, they all have their own favourite movies from 80’s. For Gaten and Noah it’s “The Goonies”. For Caleb its “Stand by me”. Millie said that Eleven has to act much more like E.T so it’s her favourite movie now.

They are all really friends

The amazing kids from the stranger things are all real friends. They seem to have a strong bond and chemistry among them. They all used to have group chat even before the shooting of the show. They named their group chat as Stranger texts. Beside from film it is very easy to know that they are friends from the jokes they pass to each other.

Gaten could not provide ADR

ADR is a technique in filming which is name as “Additional Dialogue Recording”. They all need it to keep the voice clear, but Gaten could not provide it because this voice changed dramatically with puberty.

Millie did not know that Eleven is bald

Throughout the audition, Millie didn’t know that the role which she is going to play is of Eleven and she is bald. However in the final audition they said her to be bald. She and her parents were unsure about it. However after watching many of the bald actresses picture, they were convinced that it will be a good look.

They were pranksters

Millie Bobby Brown and co-star were little pranksters. During the Facebook live they said that they once pretended that Millie is sick and once they called the costume designer and pretended to be the manager of the wedding venue.

Actors first kiss

The first kiss by Millie Barbie brown and Finn Wolfhard was applauded by the cast and crew. However, Millie was embarrassed about and her first kiss, and show creators got fired to make child actress kissing scenes.

They can sing

Millie Barbie brown is not the only kid from Stranger things who can sing. Gaten can also sing.

Millie is a style icon

Millie is not only an actor who becomes icon by her natural skills of acting. She is also a style icon. Millie has been seen with some serious style representation in many places. She always makes sure to have fresh and trendy style.

Calebs favourite game

The kids who feature in this kind of shows mostly have favourite games which involve dragons but Caleb favourite game is Grand auto Theft 5. It is not be surprised that the both games features Stranger kids were invented 20,30 years before Caleb was born.

Millie was really floating

In that scene, in which Eleven was shown to be floating on the surface of water in that scene, Millie was really floating. They don’t use special effects to show Millie floating on water, this scene was filmed naturally. They mixed 1200 pounds of Epsom salt in water to show Millie floating on water.

Noah Schnapp lost his voice

With the screams of stranger things Noah did so much screaming that he lost his voice for 3 days after the shoot. Duffer brother asked him not to screams and it will be added in post-production. But he refused as it will seem un-natural to scream with natural sound effects.

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Things You DIDN’T KNOW About the Kids from Stranger Things

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