Things men like to do when they are in love. Marry him if he is good at #4

Love is a complicated thing, and it can make you do things that you never even thought about. Did you hear about the man from China who bought 99 iPhones just to dazzle his girlfriend? Well, things didn’t go as planned as he wanted but it must be a great day for iPhone sales person! And there was skydiving proposal which was miscalculated and could have ended in a disaster. People do stupid things when they are in love. The way of showing love can seem forced or cheesy or even weird. But it is a proof of love never the less.

If your partner is in love with you, he will do the following things.


1. Uncontrollable desire to kiss


Kiss is a very intimate way of showing love. Lips are up to 200 times more responsive than super sensitive fingertips, and passionate kissing uses some 24 facial muscle, so it burns around 6.5 a minute when you kiss. Kissing sends shock waves to your body which elevates your heart rate and the blood flow increases in the certain parts of your body.

If your partners show his affection by kissing you, again and again, disregarding where you are is a sign of love, or he just doesn’t want to do cardio in the gym today. When in love, men love to kiss their partners and show off his love with kissing. Public display of kissing means that he is crazy in love with you and he doesn’t care about anything else. More kissing essentially means deeper love.


2. Kinky foreplay


Don’t you freak-out and think about calling the police, We are not talking about abusive relationships ( Which is a total adverse of love). We are talking about gentle playing with your booty. If he loves you, it is impossible for him to keep his hand off of you, he would rub it, clutch it, kiss it and would want to play with your booty. This is a common physical way to express that he is crazy about you body and he wants you in his arms all the time. He would want to smack your tushie and would want to play with it and caress it all the time, and you will also love it. 


3. The chest


This is also a great way of showing love, and this means that he trusts you and he wants to be close to his partner’s heart, and he finds it the safest place in the Universe. He feels like he is at home when he puts his head on your chest and let go of all the worries in the universe. It shows you that you are his and he is your, and there is no other place in the universe he’d rather be. The touch of your skin and sound of your heartbeat gives him all the joy in the universe, and he just wants to lie on your breasts and show you that you mean the world to him. 


4. The “The disappearing cane trick” 


If your Partner is in love with you the intensity in the bed is beyond imagination. He will show you his passion if he is love with you and the more your sexual goddess comes out, the more he will get aroused. He will lose control of himself and would want to make you feel satisfied. Sex brings out the raw feeling of a man, and it shows you how much he wants you.

If he can entertain you and make you happy in the bed, he is a keeper, don’t let go of him.


5. The Sexy Desires


Men’s kinky sexual desires are really close to their chest, if he opens up to you about his fantasies, he is trusting you. It is imperative to talk to each other about you sexual dark desires and fantasies. It makes the relationship more intimate and open and who knows you might like the same things and it will make your sex life better and ultimately make your bond stronger.

If your man fanaticizes about you in a kinky way, it means you are always in his thoughts are he can’t keep a hold of his feeling about you.


6. He will stay over after intercourse


This doesn’t happen often. Does your man stay after sex to spend time with you? If not then he is not the one. Generally, after a great session of love making, the guy makes some excuse and leaves.

There is nothing wrong with a one night stand, you can have a great passionate night of raw session of love making with no strings attached, but it doesn’t represent “Love.” If the guy invests his time in you and love to be around you after the deed is done, holds you close to his heart and makes you feel like you are the greatest thing ever happened to him. Take care of him; he might be the one.


7. A real Gentleman


If he takes care of your needs sexually and he is kind and selfless and makes sure you are sexually satisfied, That kind of guys is very hard to find. If he makes sure that you ‘finish’ before him and he puts your needs and desires above his own, he is a keeper. These kind of guys are very hard to find and are a rare breed.


8. He’ll hold you things


Most men care about the norms of the society, and they think that doing small things like holding your purse makes them look weak and submissive. But if the guy really cares about you, he will treat you like a queen and won’t care about what the society dictates or what anyone else thinks. These kind of men are hard to find so if you find a gentle man who is willing to do this without any shame or regret, You are lucky.


9. He will shop for your lady things


Guys feel uncomfortable when they shop for girly things, So if anyone is willing to feel a little awkward for your happiness, he really likes you. This is a big step for a guy because it makes them look weak. But if your happiness is his goal, he’ll do what ever it takes, cherish that guy.


10. He will notice small things that make you happy


If your man really cares about you, he will try to remember small details about you like the way you like your breakfast, What kind of coffee you like, what kind of things make you happy and before you even tell him, he will exactly know how you are feeling. He will know your sexual desire and he will read you like an open book.


11. Your happiness is his priority


If he really loves you, Your happiness is his priority. He will try to overcome his fears to make you happy if you want to do something in bed that he doesn’t like, he will try that anyway because you are his queen and nothing matters more than the will for his queen, he will want to satisfy you any way possible.


12. He will find you beautiful, even at you worst


Does your man tell you when you wake up and have a sleepy bed face that you are so beautiful? Does he kiss you before you brushed your teeth and made coffee for you while you scratch your butt? Does he ignore small embarrassing stuff and even find it cute? If he does, you found a true lover.


13. He will open up to you


It is not in man’s nature to lower his guard and open up to anyone. They surround them self with an emotional armor and never let anyone peek inside and don’t show their weaknesses to anyone. So if a man trusts you and opens up to you emotionally, he is showing that he has faith in you. It is a sign that he feels that the bond between you is very strong and he won’t be judged by you.

This shows that he really loves you and knows that you are very special.


14. He listens


If he listens to your advice in life, and for what you want him to do in bed to make you happy. And he values your opinion and does as you please, you are the most important thing in the world for him and he loves you deeply.

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Things men like to do when they are in love. Marry him if he is good at #4

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