This teenager wanted to look like Angelina Jolie, so she went to a cosmetic surgeon…50 times!

Iranian youngster Sahar Tabar will go to any lengths.

Regularly we catch wind of fans who take their adoration for superstars excessively far. Iranian young person Sahar Tabar has become acclaimed as of late for this very reason.

Sahar Tabar (Instagram)


The 19-year-old, who has a fan following of about 400,000 on Instagram, has gotten surgery after surgery to resemble her most loved Hollywood star Angelina Jolie – 50 surgeries to be exact. She purportedly took after a strict eating routine to lose around 90 pounds and accomplish Angelina’s broadly thin figure also.


Angelina Jolie twin (Instagram)

Sahar has just posted 35 posts as of November 30, however the photographs she has pulled in an expansive gathering of individuals to her profile. Calling herself a “solid sister”, Sahar said she “would do anything” to resemble the Tomb Raider star.


Sahar, Angelina (Instagram)

Her Instagram profile brags of photographs that depict Sahar with Angelina’s pointed cheekbones and a stout match of lips. Be that as it may, not every person is awed by this look, with many saying she looks more like the Corpse Bride as opposed to the Hollywood A-lister.


Sahar (Instagram)

A portion of the appalling criticism she got shifts from “Zombie end of the world” to “Zombelina Jolie”.

Despite the fact that the most recent photographs have more articulated highlights that look like that of Angelina, her old posts demonstrate a less pointed nose, which can be credited to the way that she presumably got those photographs taken before completing every one of the surgeries.


Sahar, Angelina (Instagram)

In any case, many decline to trust she has really completed 50 surgeries. The doubters are of the feeling that the look might be an aftereffect of some praiseworthy make-up or photoshop work. Sahar herself is yet to clear up reality.


Sahar (Instagram)

This is the way she apparently looked before setting out on the excursion to end up plainly an Angelina Jolie carbon copy:


Sahar (Twitter)

As extraordinary as Sahar’s change may appear, she is a long way from the principal fan to go the surgery approach to end up plainly twin of their most loved big name. Give us a chance to investigate some of them:

Nadya Suleman – Angelina Jolie

Nadya Suleman – Angelina Jolie

Mother-daughter duo Georgina Clarke Kayla Morris – Katie Price


Jordan James Park- Kim Kardashian

Toby Sheldon – Justin Bieber

Me #tobysheldon and #justinbieber overtime! Started different, finished the same! @justinbieber

A post shared by Toby Sheldon Bieber (@tobysheldon) on

And finally, the man who wanted to become a human Ken Doll:


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This teenager wanted to look like Angelina Jolie, so she went to a cosmetic surgeon…50 times!

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