This Tattoo Artist Is Way Too Famous For Someone Who Can’t Draw

To become a successful tattoo artist you need certain things. You should be great with the tattoo gun and you should know how to use the Ink and you should be really gifted and creative and talented. People used to love a creative person who has great ideas and the talent to implement it a beautiful way but it is not the case in this story. According to this story which is going crazy on the internet, you do not need any talent to become a tattoo artist.

This is a story of a Brazillian tattoo artist. She is turning heads all over the world for her tattoos and she calls them “tatuagens peba” and it means (Trash tattoo). She works in her at home tattoo parlor and she shares the pictures of her tattoos on Instagram too. You might think that she is very creative and she intentionally makes those to look like very low-quality tattoos but that is not the case. She doesn’t intentionally make them look bad.

The tattoo artist’s name is Helena Fernandes and she recognizes that she is not good at what she does and she is very open about it and even tells her customers that she knows some great tattoo artists if they want something high quality she knows that her drawings are barely recognizable and she is not ashamed to admit it.

If you go to her Parlor she will only give you tattoos of her own designs and it is not a pride thing for her but she tells her customers that she will not be able to create a complicated tattoo and her drawings are the only thing she is capable of creating.

Take a look at her tattoos, everything about these tattoos is bad and you can also notice some extra lines in the tattoo where she messed up and had to do it again.
Her drawings are super bad and they look like something drawn from a nightmare of a child.
Take a look at this drawing, they don’t even look like Chihuahuas.

If you look closely at the above picture that guy already had some great work done form other tattoo artists but he actually wanted some of her drawings. He must be a big fan or he won’t get this tattoo on his chest where everyone can see them whenever he takes his shirt off.

This drawing looks like some kind of demon straight out of hell.
This is her take on a famous medical symbol.

Look closely at the above picture, one of the snakes is wearing some kind of disguise and looks quite happy with it but it is not the well-trusted symbol that we all kn0w.

She can help her self. She is the best at making worst tattoos.

Some of us probably made this symbol better when we were in fifth grade. And we were not even rewarded for doing a good job and she gets paid to make this tattoo on an actual person.

Her drawing of Mega Man will make you laugh.

This Mega Man is not so mega and it looks like she didn’t even know how Mega Man looked like and someone just described it to her and she just made it like a very bad stretch artist.

What is she trying to express with this master piece? Maybe I am the one not understanding her creativity.

Maybe she is trying to express that the world is on the track to destroy it self with all the industrialization and man made pollution and we are on the track to hurt yourself without even realizing, but maybe not.

The creators of this master piece from Disney will be in so much pain after seeing what has been done to their characters if they are able to recognize what that is.

What do you think? Would you want this tattoo on your body?

Is this a Green Goblin or a Walrus? I am not so sure.

Whatever this is, it is terrifying and it looks really mad.

Is this what the cat says?? The question instead of “what does the fox say” should be what does the cat say?

Her art is growing on me somehow. It is different from everything you see on the internet.

But still, people pay for her art is beyond my understanding.

What do you guys think about her art? Is this something that people will cherish all their life or they will regret after a while? She seems to impress a lot of people and her Instagram has grown to 17000 followers and people are showing her love on the internet. If you want to follow Helena and you like her punk rock, low-quality art, follow her on Instagram.

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Credit: boredpanda

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This Tattoo Artist Is Way Too Famous For Someone Who Can’t Draw

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