Sugar Babies Confess What It’s Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy

The concept of sugar babies has become the subject of mass intrigue as well as mass controversy in recent years. With college tuition and student loan interest rates reaching sky-high costs in the last decade, it may come as no shock to some that young women are offering their time, affection, and consistent companionship in exchange for a comfortable, debt-free lifestyle.

Read on to hear what women with sugar daddies really had to confess about their line of “work.”

10. Loneliness Is An Industry

Believe it or not, one of the public’s primary notions of sugaring (that it is simply prostitution) is often just a myth. “It’s a cliche, but a lot of them really did just want to talk and snuggle and feel like you may have actually liked them,” one Reddit user said about the idea that the arrangement was all about sex.

9. This One’s For The Ladies


According to experienced sugar babies, wealthy women (as well as men interested in men) frequently get in on the action as well. While it does tend to be a heterosexual male-dominated industry, reports of ‘sugar mamas’ spoiling young men in exchange for some form of a relationship with them have made their way into the public eye as well.

Few know just how much these relationships come in every size, shape, and form. You’ll be shocked to learn about the arrangements in the next slide…

8. They Aren’t Gold-Diggers

People familiar with the concept of a young, beautiful woman accompanying an older, wealthier man with financial aims in mind often associate it with a different term: gold-digger. To many sugar babies, it isn’t the same. They see sugaring as a mutually agreed-upon employment arrangement to help them pay off school loans or for basic housing needs rather than a luxury.

7. You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Sugar babies who spend a significant amount of time every week with their sugar daddies may find benefits that aren’t solely material. While most go in for the money, gifts, experiences, or even professional guidance, they may sometimes get the added bonus of finding a real friend as they get to know the other person better.

How do they build such lucky relationships? Read on to hear real sugar babies (and sugar daddies) describe what it takes…

6. The Rules Of The Game

Contrary to what some may believe about the unconventional relationships, many sugar babies confessed that the key to success actually revolves around strict boundaries. “When someone else pays for your living expenses, it can be really disempowering,” one sugar daddy agreed, “Part of being happy in life involves feeling like you are taking care of yourself, and I didn’t want her to feel even a little dependent on me.”

5. Benefits For Life

While the monetary gain may be in response to their immediate situation, many sugar babies report it has helped them in the long-term too. “When I needed a job, he made it look like I had worked for one of his companies and got me a reference,” one Reddit sugar baby said of a past client, “he’s always offered to be a safety net for me if everything fell through and he knows I’m still here for him.”

For many, it doesn’t have to be so long-term. Check out the next slide to hear from a sugar baby who is all fun and games…

4. Play A Game, Win A Prize

Interestingly enough, even the concept that sugar daddies are a long-term, large-scale income source may not always be accurate. Some men will pay for even the smallest tasks in companionship. “One man simply wanted to pay me £20 to play 20 questions with me through kik,” a Reddit sugar baby confessed, “Some other guy pays me £5 for a couple feet pictures through snap chat.”

3. Safety First

Some may see sugaring as a safer, more gentle alternative to escorting for young women just seeking to pay their way through college. That may not always be the case, however. Internet communities of experienced sugar babies (with their own horror stories) providing tips for newbies on how to stay safe and secure have now sprung up by the dozen.

Vigilance isn’t the only golden rule of sugaring, however. Read on to learn what shocking thing many sugar babies try to avoid…

2. Infidelity Is A No-Go

While the explicit nature of sugaring may automatically cross boundaries for some, it is by no means void of virtues. Women across sugaring communities online often express a consistent refusal to engage with married men. “One of the creepiest men I worked with was a married man with young children,” one woman said of a past sugar daddy, “this creeped me out enough to end it.”

1. Location, Location, Location

Just like nearly any other job, sugaring is highly dependent on a solid market of consumers. That’s why many women in larger cities have reported dramatically higher pay rates than sugar babies in more rural areas. “With more local wealth comes more opportunity, it’s simply supply-and-demand.”

It can come as a shock just how much the life of a sugar baby mirrors the life of any other employee. In exchange for financial perks, lavish gifts, and even maybe closely-bonded relationships, sugar babies often go through what many workers do: reading up on valuable practices, finding the right location for their work, and networking with others in the same field. They even do their best to bring their own virtues and personal pizzazz to the job. Though the unusual nature of sugaring may sound far too scandalous for many, the ladies who thrive in the risque secret world seem to see it just like any other job.

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Sugar Babies Confess What It’s Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy

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