This Pot Automatically Changes Size As Your Plant Grows

As plants develop, they require a greater house for their growing root framework. It’s exceptionally basic to repot plants as they get greater in an estimate.

In any case, in case you’re searching for a less demanding methodology, look at this pot naturally develops with the plant.

Studio Ayaskan

Named GROWTH, and made by configuration firm Studio Ayaskan, this expandable pot develops with the plant. The studio says on its site that “The life cycle of a plant is a transformation, from an early seed to its full grown size; the blooming of a flower, the unfolding of a leaf, the branching of the roots. This process is what GROWTH aims to capture within a plant pot.”

The pot isn’t presently available to be purchased, however you can join to get informed for item refreshes here.

[H/T: Mental Floss]

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This Pot Automatically Changes Size As Your Plant Grows

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