List of the Us Presidents Involved in Sexual Assaults and Scandals

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The life of politicians started catching the lime light after the Gary Hart involvement with the pretty Donna Rice was publicized by the media in the year 1988. Before that the private life of the politicians in the US was never invaded by the media or any other source. Surprisingly, the legacy of being sexually involved has been there for the US presidency even before that but those guys were lucky enough to escape the media attention or accidently died! Thus, their affairs were not brought forward in the public eye! Let’s explore some of the juiciest and the ones caught red-handed affairs of the then US presidents!

12. James Buchanan

He was known to be the only bachelor president of the US and was supposedly homo sexual. It was assumed that he lived with William Rufus King also referred to as “Nancy” for a span of 15 years. The couple was often called “Siamese Twins” which was the most common slang word used at that time for such couples.

11. Thomas Jefferson

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He was involved with one of his slave who was mixed race as well. It is also assumed that she was his wife’s half-sister also. He is rumored to have six children with her. The affair was brought in the public eye by a journalist James T Callender who told the newspapers that Jefferson has kept this affair quite secret. This cat got out of the bag when Jefferson’s term was still remaining but he did not respond to this news and refrained from making any comment neither in public nor in private. The story is still not able to reach an acceptable form.

10. Dwight D Eisenhower

This US president was allegedly involved with his chauffer Kay Summersby who ended up publishing a book on relationships as well. It was also rumored that he wanted to marry her as well after she became his personal secretary. Although he was already married but still he had a long-term relationship with her.

9. John F Kennedy

President John is known to have had flings with many famous ladies of that time which included Marlene Dietrich, Pamela Turnure, Angie Dinckson, and Marilyn Moore. The one who ended up having a long-term relationship with the president was Marilyn Moore who used to call at the White House frequently and have also been reported to have spent the weekend with the President.

Since the medicine for his Addison’s disease started affecting his masculinity thus leading to his alleged affair.

8. Grover Cleveland

This affair got heat during the campaign for his presidential elections in the year 1884 and he was accused of getting his mistress pregnant during the “date rape”. The lady however ended up in a mental asylum and the son was sent to the orphanage. However, Cleveland denied that the child was his son, but he ended up paying the child support for the boy.

7. Bill Clinton

Clinton was impeached after he was found to be in an affair with the White House intern of that time Monica Lewinsky. Bill became the Second American president who was impeached after his involvement with the intern was proved. Clinton had to face two charges one being of misrepresentation under Oath and the other was of impediment towards the Court of Justice of his involvement with Lewinsky. ALtouhg his rating as a president at that time was 72% in his favor but after he denied the relationship things turned sour. He became the first president to testify in front of a larger panel and was found guilty of the crime after several rounds of question since he accepted. All this was watched by millions of viewers since it was on a national television.

6. Lyndon B Johnson

Lyndon was alleged to be involved with a lot of women. The longest one was a 21-year old relationship with Madeleine Brown. She got pregnant during 1950 before Johnson could even be at White House. He refused to own the son in public but he bought an apartment for her where she stayed with his son. As biographer Robert Dallek said in his book that if people mentions Kennedy’s women Johnson would accept that he met more women accidently rather than Kennedy, who met women on purpose.

5. Franklin D Roosevelt

The president was also involved in an extra marital affair with his secretary Lucy Mercer and a twist occurred when the wife requested a divorce. Since Franklin was afraid to accept her request because his mother threatened to cut him off from receiving the inheritance. Since Roosevelt became handicapped due to polio his wife joined politics.

4. George W bush

The president was charged by Margie Schoedinger of harassment and rape by Bush. President along with other men was found guilty of the crime and she reported harassment from FBI as well as the Police department when she contacted. She ended up being the subject of constant surveillance and her husband lost his job. Her academic records were also removed. She could not find any lawyer who would represent her case. She was later shot but many say that she committed suicide.

3. Warren Harding

Harding’s term is famous for corruption, enticement and incompetence. He was termed as the worst president in the American history. He was also accused of being involved with a lot of women. He was said to be involved with many women including many friends of his wife. Some also believe that she poisoned him after he died due to eating infected crab meat.

2. Gary Hart

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While he was campaigning for the elections his alleged involvement with the with the actress and model Donna Rice after which his campaign was withdrawn. The news was broken off and came as quite a surprise because it was all kept very private. After this event life of the US politicians started to change and became the object of public scrutiny often. It became quite clear that the media got more power and this marked the beginning of the political journalism.

1. Donald Trump

Many women have accused the current president of the US Donald Trump of sexually harassing them. Also, the accusations increased especially after the audio in which the president passed some weird comments about women sexuality was leaked in the final leg of the campaign no action was taken against him.

The president described his comment as the trivial talk of “the locker room” and did not give any further explanation in this regard. Despite the increasing hatred for the current president he was still elected and many women whom he had sexually harassed spoke openly against him.

They were of the view that it was easier for those with power to get away with most of the stuff. Amongst the effected women the ones who dared to speak about it were Jessica Leeds, who accused him of inappropriate behavior on the airplane, Lisa Bloom and Jill Harth who experienced similar behavior expressed their outrage on social media openly. The president is said to have married three woman Melania Trump a former model, Ivana Trump who was also a business woman and a model and Marla Mapes again a television personality.

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List of the Us Presidents Involved in Sexual Assaults and Scandals

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