How to Escape from a Sinking Car – A Life Saving Tip

Sometime it got more dangerous than a road accident, The Canadian Research Gordon Giesbrecht collected some data and their estimate shows over 400 people died every year because of sinking car during a crash. The said, many people stuck in such situations and died while doing wrong things in their submerged car.

The below given video tell you how to escape from a sinking car. Geoff Fahringer is an expert driver, he has been part of the Collier Country Sheriff’s rescue team and he will be showing you to coming up from an 8 feet deep submerged car. In first part of video he tried to escape alone and 2nd part he tried to escape with other people.

The research shows, the bottom line is that there just isn’t sufficient time for rescuers to reach you, so that you will have to do your own effort and help yourself.

“We’re telling people that you have to get out of the vehicle before the water gets up against the windows, and that’s really in the first 30 to 60 seconds.”, he says. That means, don’t reach for your cell phone when you hit the water. “Don’t call 9-1-1 from inside a sinking vehicle,” he adds.

Watch the video carefully, this might save your life some day!

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How to Escape from a Sinking Car – A Life Saving Tip

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