He Got Stuck in Elevator Before His Very First Surgery, and Proved Doctors Have the Best Sense of Humor

It also has a lesson all of us should learn.

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Do you ever have one of those terrible days where your day starts off poorly? Some say that from then on, it goes downhill.

However, medical student Joseph had other ideas. This man got stuck in an elevator and managed to make a great bravery/survival story out of it. Gifted with the abundant present of Snapchat, Joseph managed to snap his experience and show the world how you make positivity from the negative situation you have been placed in.

The Back Story …


Medical student Joseph had a surgery to perform in the morning. Incidentally, this was also his first ever surgery.

Just like any other day, he got in the elevator, pressed the button of the floor he wanted to get to, and started his wait. However, the lift had other ideas that day. It got stuck, leaving Joseph inside all by himself. In light of these usually unfortunate events, Joseph decided to whip out his phone and make a story out of his experience.



Joseph documented his first ten minutes inside the elevator and likened them to hell!

We can see from his facial expressions that he looks completely done with his life. Little did Joseph know his experience was about to get that much more intense!

Desperate times, desperate measures.


The fifteenth minute of Joseph’s ordeal had done it for him!

Saying that he would have resorted to cannibalism if someone was in there with him, Joseph manages to make us laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time. One thing we know for sure is that we would not want to be in a closed elevator with him!

A little adventure!

Little Things

On the twenty-minute mark, Joseph decides to ‘MacGyver’ his way through the ceiling. For those of you who do not get the reference, MacGyver is an American adventure television series.

As we said, desperate times call for desperate measures!

25 minutes!


At twenty-five minutes, Joseph reminds us of the movie 127 hours, where James Franco has to cut off one his limbs in order to break free from a contraption.

However, Joseph said he was going to do it solely because he ran out of ideas and not because he was stuck! What a way to kill boredom.

Cast Away.


After twenty eight long minutes, Joseph decided to name his laptop ‘Wilson,’ just like the volleyball from the hit movie Cast Away. He surely knows how to make his audience laugh!

That escalated quickly!

Little Things

After forty-three difficult minutes, Joseph decides to eat the only person who kept him company in such turbulent times!

The harsh environment …

Little Things

Joseph makes a little headdress out of his scrubs so he could save his skin from the burns from the fluorescent light!

We don’t think we’ve ever seen such a hilarious doctor before!

The Saviors!


Finally, at the one hour mark, security officials come to the elevator and safely rescue Joseph out of it.

However, he manages to create drama out of that, too! Saying that no matter he has been saved, he must now relearn all human abilities. Even though he has to join society again, he is confused as to how he will feel the basic human emotions ever again!

We certainly are not used to such a humorous doctor. Joseph has managed to combine some seriously amazing survival films from over the years and added some of his own twist to them, making them all the more exciting. He integrates the films Cast Away, 127 hours, and the TV show MacGyver into his own story.

It is of no doubt that all of us must learn from Joseph. Granted he made us laugh, but the bigger picture shows us something we all need to take note of. Joseph has managed to take an unpleasant situation that he has been placed in, and has successfully turned it into a positive experience.

It is a little reminder that we should always be optimistic and keep our heads held high when the going gets tough.

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He Got Stuck in Elevator Before His Very First Surgery, and Proved Doctors Have the Best Sense of Humor

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