Girl Asks Rick and Morty’s Co-Author How to Cope with Depression, Does Not Expect His Response

Dan Harmon explains a few ways to tackle depression.


Depression is a very common disorder suffered by millions of people around the world. Not a lot of people know how to deal with it and thus fall victim to its most drastic consequences. It is also one of the most misunderstood feelings. People mistake it for something temporary, when that really is not the case.

Tackling depression can be quite a challenge for its victims. Keeping that in mind, Twitter user @chojuroh asked Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon what he would say to depression victims. His answer was what left everyone star struck. Some people even said he had put it better than any therapist ever could.

Rick and Morty is an adult animated sitcom of the sci-fi genre. Its first episode aired on the 3rd of December in 2013 and has been a huge success since. So what was Dan Harmon’s response and why has it inspired so many people?

Let’s look at how it all went down.

Why did the Twitter user ask this question?


Twitter user @chojuroh asked Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon what he would say about depression. His response was magical. However, what was it that made her ask him this question?

To that she said that she wanted advice from someone who suffers from it but wasn’t a professional. She noted that it was the most basic and general advice she had ever received, but was also one of the most effective. She spoke out for people who were suffering and intended to help others as they would read his response, too.

Dan’s response.


Dan Harmon responded in four different tweets due to Twitter’s 280 character limit. However, he hit all the right spots with his answer.

In his first tweet, he pleaded depression victims to accept that they are suffering. He asked them to accept that it is actually happening and explained the importance of awareness. He also stressed that it was completely alright to feel bad.

Dan also emphasized the importance of communication and not keeping it a secret. This tweet alone helped a lot of people reading it. He ended by reminding readers how their feelings were real.

Feelings: real but not reality.


In Dan’s second tweet, he explains why it is important to remind oneself that feelings are real, but they are not reality. You might be feeling something, and to feel that is real. But what you might be feeling might not be real.

He also gave an example saying that one can feel like life means nothing. That is real; but does life really mean nothing? That is not up to us to decide. He ended by saying that facts and feelings held a similar level of importance. However, they are not the same at all.

Sharing is vital.


Continuing from his first and second tweets, Dan wrote that the key to dealing with depression was to not handle it alone. He said that venting out could prove to be an incredible source of relief.

Dan said that even if someone wrote their feelings on a piece of paper and burn it later, it would help a lot with dealing with the sadness. He stressed the importance of letting out and expressing feelings, may it be to a person or a simple piece of paper.

Venting out!


Dan picks up from he left off and emphasizes the importance of venting out.

He wrote that if one does not vent, dark thoughts circle the mind and never leave. Instead, their effect increases and makes it worse. Venting, on the other hand, would not ensure their permanent departure but would certainly help.

He even acknowledged that most people wouldn’t want to try it, but would have to in order to achieve some much needed relief.

The impact of the response.


Dan’s response has helped a lot of people battling through depression. Upon reading his tweets, they have shared how his words have helped them get through their days.

He surely wrote all the right things and basically summarized the ways in which one could tackle depression. Some Twitter users even said he had put it better than any therapist ever could. Dan’s series of inspirational tweets triggered quite a positive response on the internet. Let’s look at how he impacted the lives of these people with just his tweets.

“Star struck!”


Twitter user @chojuroh, who had asked the question in the first place, was completely star struck by Dan’s response. She said she was having a hard time trying to process his response and just wanted to appreciate him for his words.

She even added that her boyfriend said thank you and that the couple had subscribed to ‘Harmontown’ because of this!

“Feelings are real but not reality.”


Another happy Twitter user @JeromySonne tweeted his appreciation by letting Dan know how much his words had helped.

He said that his words had put his anxiety to rest. This is exactly the response Dan’s wise words deserved. There are more to come, too!

“Relatable …”


Twitter user @slitherwolf deemed Dan’s words as ‘relatable’ and expressed their gratitude for his help.

She also noted how nice it was read something she could relate to. A lot of people can relate to Dan’s words and that is why he has garnered so much of praise.

Emotions galore!


Another emotional twitter user @magzdilla2early said that the thread had moved her to tears.

Dan’s amazing advice and heartwarming words were just what depression victims wanted to hear. His response has become famous due to its trueness. It is refreshing to see such a dangerous disorder being taken seriously.

Why is Dan’s response so impactful?

Dan Harmon’s response on ways of tackling depression has become very popular amongst social media users. It has impacted a lot of people’s lives and has changed the way they think. The reason his words have been so impactful is that he has reached out to people and has been able to relate to their situations.

He has not followed in other’s footsteps by labeling depression as ‘temporary’ or giving meaningless advice such as ‘try to enjoy life.’ Instead, he has tried to relate with victims and has advised them accordingly. His words have had so much affect that people are doing their best to spread his message.

Dan’s message also indicates that life is never going to get easier. We just have to learn to manage it better. Human beings never learn when the going is easy. It is only when the going gets tough is when we learn our most valuable lessons.

Hopefully, more famous people follow in Dan’s footsteps and address the issue of depression. If everyone had such a positive approach towards life and its issues, the world would be a happier place.

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Girl Asks Rick and Morty’s Co-Author How to Cope with Depression, Does Not Expect His Response

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