Dad Allows Teen Sleep at Friend’s House – Hours Later Received a Chilling Text

All parents have to be worried about their children especially during their teenage. They are also worried about turning their child into an unruly. This is the reason a dad named Bert Fulks, created a tool called X Plan.

Bert, is a blogger who shares parenting tips and has privilege to work with kids who are passing through addiction treatment.

That person learned several things from his work with kids, who overcoming addictions, and is speedy to apply these techniques as a dad.

The kids let him know that they usually stayed in uncomfortable even dangerous situations just because they did not have any way to get out, at that moment he realized kids need escape routes.

He started imposing some rules on his kids. Bert set some cods to get help in any trouble, and the kids just send him that text message when they are in trouble and to get out that situation.

Here’s what parenting techniques Bert used in a clever way…

dad create plan x for kids

Bert is the dad of three, he did a lot struggle with the help of her wife to get their children raised as the conscientious citizens of the world.

However, Bert is aware that how well raised the awesome kids are and they unavoidably end up in some rough circumstances as they get older.

An essential part of rising up is believing out how to carefully navigate situations where you feel uncomfortable.

Bert distinguishes that his children have to absorb how to handle such situations, also he tried to give them the provision they want to crate exit securely and rapidly any time they need to.

Therefore, he decided to make something he calls the “X Plan.”

Bert got to conversation with his kids in a habit support group that the whole thing with, and know that almost all of his kids could have helped from a hard exit strategy from one to another point.

He writes:

“Recently I asked these kids a simple question: ‘How many of you have found yourself in situations where things started happening that you weren’t comfortable with, but you stuck around, mainly because you felt like you didn’t have a way out?’ They all raised their hands.”

This is the reason he takes decision to set something that help their kids get out with a special code when they face bad situations at a friend’s house, a party or wherever they are.

dad create plan x for kids For the test, he exchanged a text with his youngest son. He gave permission to his children to stay at a friends’ house however, Bert reminds him to be good.

His son replies, “I know. Thx.” After sometime, he sends another text letter, “X.”

The letter “X” is the agreed-upon code word in the Bert household.

On that text Bert knows, he son needs help to get out from the friends’ house immediately.

dad create plan x for kids

This letter was the part of his plan, called “Plan X”.

If you are looking for a similar plan it’s a perfect solution for your kids to get help immediately, whenever they need. This anonymous text that seems like a typo can be a lifesaving text kids and to work on their exit plan.

Bert shared, the plan just created for safety measures so they don’t have to say words like Mom or Dad even when they need their help.

Even the kids can use such uncomfortable circumstances when they are going to drink bear and thy think, after that situation would go over control and they might require their parents help.

dad create plan x for kids

We home more parents will use the plans like “Plan X” and will stay ready to assist their kids by helping them out from worst situations.

What are your thoughts about the X Plan? Let us know in the comments!

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Dad Allows Teen Sleep at Friend’s House – Hours Later Received a Chilling Text

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