15 Signs He Loves You, Not Just Your Body

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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. It totally alters the perceptions of a person for the good and how he/she sees the world. Love is a magical feeling, a sacred entity that is

much much harder to keep than to achieve. But how do you know when you’ve found the right person?

While guys are the often the ones to break the ice and tell you how they honestly feel about you, they just don’t say it right away. Instead, Guys believe in “actions speak louder than words” and express their love for you through their actions. So ladies, if your man does these things, he’s madly in love with you and is a keeper!

15. He Mentions It Often That He Desires A Serious Relationship With You And Not Just A Random fling


For starters, this is no rocket science but if he has had a serious conversation with you about the relationship and that he wants to keep it strictly exclusive and very serious. He’s a keeper. He cares for you genuinely and wants you to know that he has plans for you in the future and that the relationship is not just a random fling but is beyond casual- exclusive and genuine.

14. He Asks For “Your Say” In His Matters


Men have hard lives, they have to face hundreds of decisions, be it work, life or family. If he shares his every decision with you and asks for your opinion. He’s the right guy. He gives you priority in his decisions and wants you to firsthand know what is going on in his life.

13. He’s Honest


Again, not a brainer but if a guy is very serious about you, he’ll always be honest to you. He’ll tell you his guilts, his mistakes and his regrets. Ladies when he does this, don’t bring him down. Support him, he trusts you enough to share with you something he doesn’t share with other people. He’ll be true to you and dish out his emotions on the table for you in the fear of “losing you”.

12. “No Strings Attached”


While the phrase has different meaning, we’ll use the opposite one. A guy that is serious about you and is determined to involve you in his future life, he’ll cut contact with his exes or other girls that might have been a part of his life earlier. He’d shift his focus entirely onto you and work on the relationship. Also, he’ll quit flirting and hanging out with his boys at the clubs on the weekend, maybe, maybe not. At least not for the girls now.

11. He Talks About You All The Time


If your friend often tell you that “he won’t stop talking about you” it’s a good thing. That’s because you excite him and you’re the highlight of his day. Something that eases him, gives him peace. Yippie ka yay!

10. He Wants To Learn About The Inner You


If a guy is really serious about you, he’d want to know you on a deeper and spiritual level. He’ll often ask you about your past, your childhood and also your fears because he wants you to think of him as a sign of relief. He’ll have quality conversations with you and not just listen to what you have to say but understand it and understand the inner you, what you like and what you don’t. He’ll try and build a spiritual gateway among you both through the relationship.

9. He Makes Plans With You


If a guy is serious about you, he’ll put his mind and soul into keeping you interested in him forever and even though you’re already his, he’ll still find new ways to keep you happy and attracted. He’ll make plans with you and tell you in advance. He’ll cut off all his commitments for the day and spend the entire day with you, trying to make you smile. You’re not his “midnight meet” so instead of calling you at 2 am, he’ll discuss with you his plans in advance, like a concert or a vacation.

8. You’re His Hobby


Nothing would make him more happy than to share the same interest or a hobby. He’ll try to make you a part of his everyday life and include you in his interests. If he likes driving, he’ll take you on long drives. If he like sports, he’ll bring you along. he’d want to share his happiness with you. That’s a keeper ladies.

7. He’s Ready For A Commitment


As we mentioned earlier, you’re not his “random fling” you’re his special lady so he’ll treat you alike. While you both are graduating college, getting into your respective professional fields, he’ll want something permanent, something that would last. He’d want a commitment and he’ll approach you alike.

6. You’ve Met People Close To Him


If he’s super serious about you, he’ll introduce you to his parents and his close friends and let them know that you’re his “end game” and that this right here is the future. He wants to people to know that you’re the one and he isn’t afraid of their reactions.

5. You’re His Priority


Daily life is tough, we all have things to deal with, be it school work, office work or daily chores, our days are busy. But even amongst these busy days, you’ll be his priority nonetheless. He’ll take out time for you and treat you queen alike. And if he is unable to take time out, he’ll let you know when he can and will talk to you as soon as he gets free. He’ll cherish you and make sure you never feel alone.

4. He’ll Get Involved In Your Life


Guys don’t like girly stuff but love’s love and it’s a woman’s world, we’re the guests. He’ll try and get himself involved in your daily life. He’ll accompany you to spas, to beauty parlours and to shopping even though guys hate shopping. He’ll do all this because he wants you to know that he cares for you and that he wants to know you on a deeper level. He’ll take interest in your hobbies and interests.

3. He’ll Meet Your Family


Now this is a guy’s biggest nightmare- meeting your girlfriend’s father. If he’s seriously into you, he’ll want your parents to know it too. He’ll try and get close to your family and win their trust. He’ll respect your family and introduce them to his so they can get well acquainted with each other.

2. He’ll Always Be There For You


Of course love is easy when everything is fine but if things take a turn, it wouldn’t change him. He’ll still be there for you. He’ll still you treat you the same and love you the same. He’ll be there for you, he’ll be your shoulder to carry on. Love is much more than sharing feelings and expressions. It’s investing yourself into someone to make out the best versions of each other.

1. He’ll Fight To Keep You


No relationship is perfect and somewhere along your relationship, you both may fight and when it happens. He’ll back off on a fight because he wouldn’t want to say something in anger that he may regret later on. He’ll confront you smoothly and make you understand and resolve the issue instead of fighting back no matter whose fault is it. He’ll apologise if it’s his fault and he fought with you and will let you know how bad he feels for it. He doesn’t want to lose you to a stupid fight and he’ll fight to keep you. Period.

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15 Signs He Loves You, Not Just Your Body

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