These Catfishing Stories Are All About Next Level Trolling

A “catfish” is simply someone who pretends to be someone else online. They can do this for monetary gain, revenge, or just because they want to (read: they’re lonely and weird). Catfish attempts can pop up anywhere on the Internet, so it’s important to recognize the signs.

Let’s go through the list of crazy catfish attempts before exposing the greatest catfish attempt ever in #1!

10. Celebrity Catfish

You know you’re doing something right when you catfish enough people to get noticed by a major television network. Your catfishing career is either going to take off or you’re going to get caught hook, line, and sinker. These poor catfish would probably rather get taken for a ride by a parent like #9.

9. Catfished By Your Mom!

You have to hand it to this mom. If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. Everyone wants to be friends with their parents on Facebook today. When the Internet was new, it wasn’t cool for your parents to comment on your status. Funny how it took so long for her to fess up.

8. What Else Are Friends For?

One girl met a guy online who said he would buy her random gifts. The only stipulation is she has to provide a picture of her giving a peace sign. The problem is, she sent the dude a photo of someone else. Discover the wonders of the greatest tool used for catfishing in #7.

7. The Ultimate Catfishing Tool

Photoshop can assist the most amateur catfisherman. It has been tricking and fooling unsuspecting people since its creation. You can manipulate anything. With enough time and a lot of practice, people won’t be able to tell where you start and your catfishing begins. It is seriously the software program that provides the most fun.

6. Recognizing A Catfish Attempt

It’s important to recognize when you are about to be catfished if you don’t want to end up in this article. Understanding the fact Kansas does not have a city named Canada means you’re on the right track. Meet someone who learned their lesson for infidelity in #5.

5. Catfish Karma

Call this karma for trying to fool around with your wife with someone you just met on the Internet. Anyone can look good with a tight dress and shaved legs. You have to be careful when looking for someone on the Internet. They might not actually be who they seem.

4. The First Rule Of Catfishing Is…

Kyle needs to learn the basic lesson of trying to trick people on the Internet. If you are going to use a photo of a famous person, make sure it is located in a deep part of the web.

Imagine getting catfished by an inanimate object. Now, imagine it’s #3.

3. Foiled By Food!

I guess someone can get catfished by a bag of potato chips. You ask for one thing and get another. It basically fits the general description. Getting tricked by chips has to be one of the more heartbreaking instances of the catfishing game. Our hearts go out to @Its_Just_Eriq on Twitter.

2. Catfishing For Good

People can also use their catfishing skills to benefit humanity. Or at least find out if your homie’s girlfriend is being faithful. Well played, human. Be careful of strange messages from new people if you’re thinking of cheating. Otherwise, just go ahead and break up now. Finish off at #1 for the ULTIMATE catfish!

1. We Got You!

YOU have been catfished! We know there is no one on Tinder or Bumble, or any of those dating apps, who would fall for this level of catfishing. Or is there? I would still swipe right just to see if the catfish might be interested. You never know. I just wouldn’t want to get in too “deep.”

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These Catfishing Stories Are All About Next Level Trolling

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