Call Of Duty Player Tricks Girl With Military Fetish Into Sending Nudes

It is every gamer’s dream to somehow make himself attractive to women. Gamers are considered nerds, and it is very hard to find a girl who loves games is very rare. Girls are not into guys like that, they just sit around and spend most of their time in games. But if you are able to find a girl who is into games, consider yourself lucky. The Internet is freaking out about a story like this where the dream of the gamer came true.



These pictures were shared on Reddit from this guy. The guy knew a girl and they were friends. He shared the pictures and added this text with them. I was unable to find the original post but this is the content he shared what I found on the internet.


He must have done something so terrible that the girl stopped talking to him. Let see what he did and should he try calling her again.
This girl was really hurt by her ex-boyfriend and she was trying to tell this guy that you better not be an A*sH**e and do something stupid but she was into him too. She was clearly suggesting that if we do this, you better not hurt me.
After he noticed that she was into him, he went for it.
Naturally, at first she was shocked and she didn’t want to send her nudes and she asked him why are you acting like this. She asked him if he was also a F**kBoy.
I don’t know how but this worked and he got what he wanted and she sent him some pictures after taking a shower. That call of duty army thing was somehow working for her. Check out what she sent back.
She was not done yet, she sent this picture too.
This guy was so sneaky, notice that he never lied to her he just didn’t show his real intention which we can clearly see from the beginning. It was so obvious from the start…
When she found out what he did she didn’t want anything to do with him, he tried to talk to her again but she was probably really mad at herself for talking to another F**kBoy. But I think this is the best action call of duty has provided anyone. I still can’t believe she fell for that call of duty thing or she really trusted the guy and thought he will be different than her ex.

I know most people like me do not trust all the stories found on the internet. There are some made up stories and there are some planned stories just to get some attention but what do you guys think? Do you find this story true or is this another stupid made-up thing found on the internet. Leave you comments and follow our page to find more crazy stories like this.



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Call Of Duty Player Tricks Girl With Military Fetish Into Sending Nudes

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