What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Has a Terrible Apartment?

Are you frustrated with your husband’s lack of cleanliness? Here are ways you can deal with it and keep your peace of mind intact!

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When people say opposites attract, there are many reasons that unexpected coupling makes the relationship interesting but there are many reasons that this coupling can make life pretty frustrating too. The example we are discussing today is one partner being OCD about cleanliness while the other one is more than happy with the dirt and clutter that litters their surroundings.

Stereotypically it is the boys who prefer the latter part of the situation and it is the girls who are frustrated. A survey was carried out in America in which a 1000 participants were asked about this where 67 percent of them replied that a good and clean apartment would make them more interested in having romantic affiliations with the guy.



When you have a small apartment or even when you don’t, too many people in there will make you feel suffocated which in turn will make you angry which in turn stems from feeling defenseless. Especially when your husband’s friends are over to have a good time with him you’ll feel it even more so than you would with your own friends.

Try not to overcrowd your apartment especially when you are having a bad day because it will make you notice the clutter even more which in turn will make you fight with your husband and no one wants that drama.



Our motto should be to avoid fights and this is what this point is dedicated to. If the clutter is too much and you are just not up for cleaning it anymore then do yourself a favor and get out for a bit. Go to a park or some clean place but do let your husband know why you are leaving because let’s face it he isn’t a mind reader and you tend to be quieter about these things expecting him to be one.

Who knows when you do end up coming back home he might have a surprise ready for you in the form of a spotless apartment. Well not spotless but at least he tried.



Sometimes you need to ask yourself is it really worth it? If your man doesn’t like cleaning up after him does it eradicate all the qualities you do like about him? His sense of humor, his intelligence which just vacates him when it comes to keeping the house clean, his smile and his eyes. Cleanliness might be a big factor for many girls out there but for most it doesn’t overpower the need to be with that person.

If he isn’t listening to you and isn’t paying attention to your needs it is time to put your foot down and ask him to do it for you. Throw in a few tears if you have to because that always works. You might just be lucky enough to find yourself in a spotless apartment.



It is sort of obvious that since we are in the 21st century now and there are less and less woman who are just house wives anymore so can we really blame them when they come home from a long day at work to find a cluttered apartment and don’t want to clean it? I know what you are thinking: ‘If he did it he should clean it.’ That statement is as good as watching paint dry.

You might love a lot of qualities your husband has even his stubbornness at times especially when his mother asks him to do something, but you on the other hand do not enjoy it when it is directed at you. Since you cannot really divorce him for being a slob why not just do it yourself? Isn’t compromising an essential part of making a relationship work? Twilight had a whole chapter dedicated to it. Why do you think Edward and Bella made it till the end?



You can do this or he can do this. He might be at a point where he does not think that cleaning is his job or he might just be too busy being a clutter butter to actually pay attention to how it makes you feel. So the best way to go about this is making him listen.

Tell him how it affects you and hire a maid and make him pay for it. This might just end in two ways: He might get his act together and start cleaning the apartment himself or he might just shut his mouth and actually end up paying for the maid. Either way it is a win-win situation because at the end of the day you will have a clean apartment. The odds are in your favor.



Invite your neighbors over for a nice dinner or a game of charades. Go to their house with your husband. Make him open his eyes to how they live and how you live. It might just actually open them literally. If that doesn’t happen well your husband will be constantly forced to wipe down the apartment and keep it clean due to the constant panic of the neighbors coming over. Everyone had a reputation to uphold and believe it or not your husband will follow those grounds too because let’s face it if anything boys like looking good in front of boys.

What if you neighbor’s wife is having the same problem? Let her in on your little plan and maybe you both can help each other out! Neighbors can give you more than just sugar to be fair.

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What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Has a Terrible Apartment?

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