Best Buy Flyer from 1994 Shows the Hottest Technology from Days Gone by, and It’s Hilarious Now

The technological advancements in comparison with today’s technology.


Discovering the Initial Stages

Technological advancement has taken place rapidly in this 21st century where people can’t imagine their lives without laptops, smart phones, and other gadgets which help an individual work smarter and faster. However, apart from the way this technology serves us in ways we could not have imagined some years ago, it is quite an interesting idea to figure out how it all began initially and what brought such technological advancement into existence.

The flyer we are going to go through in order to understand how technology seemed to look in the past is going to bring back a lot of childhood memories. However, there are chances that you may either fidget when you take a look of this, or you may realize that you have come a long way!

The diverging era of technology

The technology which was used in the past makes one realize how the world has transformed completely into a whole new form, when it is compared to the past times. We used to make use of simpler technologies and gadgets.

Smart phones and gadgets which won’t be considered amazing nowadays were once so wondrous for anyone out there. From having a computer at home to carrying laptops in bags anywhere you would like to go is an amazing journey. It might be mind-boggling for many to fathom how an era of technology has taken us to places we did not imagine we would be able to cherish someday.

While having conversation with our elder siblings and cousins, we may know a lot of things form them as well.

Ready to fidget while exploring this?

The flyer we are about to explore will make one explore the past inventions and cherish the long-lived memories. You may fidget to a great extent though, so do watch out!



It feels so old when one looks at this picture, right? How could one even think like having a computer at home, and having to work at a single place. In the previous times, CD ROM software was attached with a computer in order to make use of Microsoft works and to watch a film. The double-spin CD ROM drive may also be provided so that the disc may work on a faster speed with less interruptions.


Do you remember having a cordless phone at your place at some time in your life? Woah! This actually brings back a lot of memories, and which may make a person feel old. Extremely old, though. This cordless phone from the past ensures to provide features which one can easily find in today’s world. Previously you would have to see whether you are being charged for calling or not, and for how long can one call.


This camcorder offers features which are way too advance in today’s world. The five watt colour enhancement light provided is used for enhancing the quality of the pictures. It is used to take a picture with better results.

This feature has now transformed. In order to take picture, one would have to look into the lens that is provided separately on the side of the camera. The zooming capacity is also limited and nowadays it has augmented to a great extent.



In order to get quality assurance and check with authenticity, these modems or faxes were sold separately in previous times so that it may help an individual correct the errors while working and the data that is submitted may be checked before transmitting it in the computer. Nowadays, we can easily download an app for free from the internet for availing this feature, and apart from that the laptops have an inbuilt feature of autocorrecting the data you are transmitting which ensures quality.



For listening music and recordings of anything on would have to buy a 3D compact stereo which he or she must carry to different places. People would keep this in their kitchens and cars for having fun and it also provided a feature of auto reversing it which was a big deal in the past. It might amuse you to a great extent as well! Nowadays, people can listen to music online by simply searching it on any website. Also, we can download a music app to listen to music of any sort! Isn’t that even amazing. Well seems like everything is so easy for us. People may feel quite nostalgic while taking a look at this compact stereo.

On the pinnacle of success

It is quite mesmerizing yet humorous when we take a look at these gadgets and technologies which people used to buy in the past with great pride and may even showoff as it distinguished them from others. The journey we have taken from the compact stereos and cordless phones to laptops and smart phones is one we all can cherish with enthusiasm, for it is an achievement for the human race to grow and develop collectively as a society.

We have reached a pinnacle of success and prosperity and we may even go far beyond this. It is quite motivating for everyone that great things and promising dreams can be achieved of one just out their minds to it.

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Best Buy Flyer from 1994 Shows the Hottest Technology from Days Gone by, and It’s Hilarious Now

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