After Bank Denies Girl’s Card with Terry Crews on It, She Contacts Him Personally for Permission – Here’s How He Responds

The power of social media making the line between celebrities and commoners, narrower.

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Televisions are not just a way of getting endless entertainment but it contributes to teaching some economical or budgeting skills. Just like a TV show, Everybody Hates Chris, starring Terry Crews as a frugal father as Julius. His acting and character in the show have inspired many viewers to spend less money. And this inspiration reaches a level where a woman requested her bank services providers to let her put Terry Crews’ picture on her Debit Card.

Terry’s Scowling Face.

On 31st, October 2017, a woman named Darrel Kennedy tweeted about her plan to spend less by having a new Debit Card from Wells Fargo Bank with Terry Crews’ picture of him with a scowling face. So that his character from that TV series with a combination of that expression of his expression will suggest her what she wanted to hear the most, that is about cutting short the list of her expenditures.

Her tweet soon became viral with about more than 13000 retweets but her excitement didn’t last long because soon she was told by Wells Fargo that her application was rejected on the basis of involvement of consent of the third party (Terry Crews).

The Social Media in action.

When her application got rejected, it was not just her who protested against Wells Fargo but the people on social media whose attention was towards her also tweeted about it. But it wasn’t long until she realized that she didn’t need the support her against Wells Fargo to get her the desired Debit Card but approval of Terry Crews himself. So she tweeted about getting a reach to Terry Crews to get his written approval and so she could save some. And she got lucky. Crews finally gave his consent and approved her request.

And if his words weren’t enough he made use of some emojis too. Crews retweeted Kennedy’s tweet about how she got her celebrity Debit Card, with some fire emojis, thumbs-up, clapping hands and flexing arms for encouraging her.

Wells Fargo’s move.

Wells Fargo was left with no choice but to approve Kennedy’s request and finally then sent the Debit Card with Terry Crews face on it. She tweeted, “UPDATE: They’ve expedited the case and are sending it to @WellsFargo HQ to get it approved. Should have it in my hands in the next two weeks”. It wasn’t just her who was happy but all the viewers who witnessed this whole chain of events happening on Twitter. It was a win-win situation for everyone who helped Kennedy get what she needed.

The medium of communication.

They say that for effective communication they medium of communication must be appropriate according to target. Any statement, no matter how strong it might be, without the proper way or means to communicate it is useless. In this case, the social media served as the medium of communication and Darren Kennedy was lucky to have come up with such an effective and efficient medium being the social media to make people listen to her voice.

Social media has developed too much in a couple of years. Its implications are immense and it can be useful for people in many ways like what Kennedy got was almost next to impossible for a commoner without the presence of social media.

It was the social virality which brought this matter into Terry’s attention, otherwise, this application would’ve just been a victim of red-tapism.

The Restoration of Faith in “get what you Believe in.”

This series of events was a prove that if a person wants something from the core of his/her heart, the universe will automatically provide them with ways and chances to get it. Had Kennedy not believed in wanting to save from her heart, her efforts might’ve had reflected it and she wouldn’t have achieved it. But her regular tweets and updates about the need and want to have that specialized Debit card shows her urge to have it no matter what, and finally with her constant efforts she got it.

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After Bank Denies Girl’s Card with Terry Crews on It, She Contacts Him Personally for Permission – Here’s How He Responds

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