Baby Hears Mom for the First Time After Receiving Hearing Aids, and Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Your heart will melt when you see this baby’s reaction when she hear’s her mom’s voice for the first time.


Get ready to have your heart stolen! You won’t believe this little baby’s reaction when she hears her mother’s voice for the first time. The little girl is even holding back her tears and getting emotional when her mom tells her that she loves her.

Nothing will melt your heart like watching a baby girl hear her mom’s voice for the first time. The reaction is ridiculously adorable and could put a smile on your face on the gloomiest days. Thank God, the parents were able to capture the magical moment on video.

Getting to the bottom of the problem

Charlotte Keane, daughter of Christy Keane, was born into this world on August 2nd,2017. Unfortunately, the parents would later find out that their little girl is profoundly deaf and can’t hear a thing. At first, the doctor’s thought the baby’s hearing problems might just be fluid blockage. After further tests and evaluation, they found out that baby Charly has what is called, bilateral profound congenital hearing loss. According to American Research Foundation, 1 baby in every 1000-2000 can suffer from this during birth. The mom was totally shocked to hear this, as she didn’t have any complications during her pregnancy and there were no warnings given to the couple about the possibility of their baby, being deaf.

“It was shocking, I had never met a deaf in my life until my daughter.”

The next step forward

So I am ready to open up publicly about something our family is dealing with- our sweet Charlotte is deaf (bilateral profound congenital hearing loss). We don't know why or have any answers beyond that at this time, but we have taken the last few weeks to process the information. Neither my husband nor myself have a history of hearing loss in our families and nothing really prepared us for this news but WE WILL ALL OVERCOME. This is shocking news, but it's not sad news. This sweet baby is beautiful and healthy and so capable of achieving everything she wants in life and we will make sure that happens! I would absolutely LOVE to connect and hear from any families who have been through this as we have no idea what to expect. Moving forward- Charly will be fit for her hearing aids in two weeks which will not make her hear but will get her brain and auditory nerve used to vibrations and stimulation as we wait to undergo surgery for cochlear implants (in about a year). We are so lucky to have such an amazing support system who will make this girl feel nothing less than loved, worthy, and completely normal! #hearingloss #deaf #ci #cochlearimplants #charlyshearingjourney

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Moving to finding a solution to the problem, doctors have advised hearing aids to help the little princess hear better.

Christy says, “She has very profound hearing loss and is not and will not be cured, she will always be deaf and we cannot tell what degree of hearing the aids are giving her, we just know she’s showing great and positive responses.”

The family is also learning sign language so that they can communicate with their little girl better. Also, there are future plans of getting Charly cochlear implants when she turns 1-years=old. Cochlear implants are a great idea as they will do all the work the damaged parts of the ears can’t. Hearing aids aren’t a permanent solution as they just amplify sounds.

The moment that stole everyone’s hearts


The couple managed to capture the miraculous moment of their baby-girl hearing for the first time. Cutie-pie Charly gets emotional when she hears her mom’s voice for the very first time and even holds back tears when she hears her mom say,” I love you.”

Christy says, “I had never in my life seen that face before, I’m her mother, and I know the look in her eyes when she’s sad, upset or hurting, and that connection, and that moment when our eyes met, and she heard my voice for the first time, that was true emotion from her.”

About her husband’s reaction, Christy says, “he was as emotional as I was, all this time that we had spent sad that she wasn’t able to hear us, all that pain went away.”

Christy never thought of making the video, but her family insisted she do so they can show to their friend’s and other family members. She says, “I thought, ‘Oh, what’s the harm? I’ll make it public and then, I think I woke up the next day with a thousand shares and by Monday it had hit a million.”

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Baby Hears Mom for the First Time After Receiving Hearing Aids, and Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

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