Awful Details About The Former Professor Who Stalked And Threatened Multiple Men She Met On Tinder And Craigslist Using False Identities

Despite the fact that she passed by many names, Melissa Ann Santana was her genuine one.

A previous Northern Arizona University educator is confronting charges of criminal stalking and putting forth false expressions against 11 individuals, including firefighters and an NAU understudy.

Melissa Ann Santana, who used to be a partner educator of inside plan, purportedly sent critical and undermining messages to three US Forest Service firefighters, an understudy, and more by means of instant messages and Facebook.

Santana, 36, was captured October 30 on five checks of criminal stalking and three tallies of giving false data.

She supposedly stalked her casualties fundamentally through on the web and electronic means from Feb. 1, 2015, through Sept. 22, 2017.

As indicated by U.S. Region Court archives from Coconino County, Santana utilized “many different identities, email addresses, social media accounts and temporary telephone numbers.”

The objection says that she would bother and stalk the men via web-based networking media under names, for example, “Kendall,” “Ann,” or “Amanda.”


Santana met a portion of the casualties she stalked on the web, on Tinder, and through Craigslist. Others were only relatives of folks she had met. One of the men conceded he had an association with Santana however it had finished.

In September of 2016, one of the casualties got a message from a “Kendall” all things considered, “You carry out work that requires no brains at all. You are only a tree cutter and opening digger. The administration discovers you as a dispensable cutting edge against flames. You can without much of a stretch be supplanted by a more youthful more moronic adaptation.”

An NAU understudy asserted he was stalked for a long time, first on the college’s Facebook, at that point his own Facebook record, Tinder, and on Yelp.

He told government agents that he met Santana by means of Craigslist and inside seven days he was being stalked and bugged by an “Amanda” on the web. She even posted that the understudy has STDs.

A Globe Hotshot Crew boss told agents he got a content expressing that one of his team individuals “needs to assume liability” for getting her pregnant. It was later found that the team part met “Amanda” on Tinder however just had contact with her once – when she appeared at the eatery he advised her not to meet him at.

Another casualty told experts he had a sexual association with the wedded stalker however once he finished it, she vandalized his auto and sent him writings from various numbers.

As indicated by AZCentral, one of the instant messages stated, “For what reason not resemble the rock mountain superstars and go kick the bucket in the shoot,” alluding to the Granite Mountain Hotshots who passed on in a discharge in 2013.

Santana, who is an occupant of Flagstaff, professedly sent false messages under the name “Cathy McCarthy” to the firefighters’ directors of the Flagstaff and Globe groups. The messages expressed that the superstar team individuals engaged in sexual relations with Santana’s underage little girl in a lodging and was replicated and sent to three directors.

An examination concerning the messages was propelled and the men said in the message were not able to work amid the examination.

The government protest stated, “The whole group lost significant pay as they were not accessible for the last flames of the season as an immediate aftereffect of this false email.” US Magistrate Judge Charles R. Pyle called Santana a peril to people in general.

Her arraignment is set for Nov. 29, and she is never again utilized at NAU.

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Awful Details About The Former Professor Who Stalked And Threatened Multiple Men She Met On Tinder And Craigslist Using False Identities

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