Are You Really Normal? (TEST)

Are you really Normal? A detailed test of your personality & perception


Give a sweeping glance around yourself in a crowded place and you will kaleidoscopic personalities of people. There might be a lot of apparent similitude between yours and theirs attitude and demeanor, but each on of you is an enigma within yourself. There are your true colors and traits that are so deeply in-rooted within you that sometimes you, yourself are oblivious to those aspects. And it comes as a surprise when you actually discover them and meet your true self for the first time.

Quite a lot of quizzes and tests have been devised up to decipher how an individual perceives various things that leads to his personality nourishment. These tests do not end with a disclaimer of ‘congratulations! You are normal’ or ‘Sorry, but you are a bit of an abnormal type’. Rather, these tests facilitate in understanding the attitude with which you carry yourself.

Inkblot test:


Ever played the game in your childhood of deciphering figures out of random inkblot images? Well, it’s not only a game after all. According to the research, your reaction to these inkblot images depicts the personality that you carry yourself within. In this particular image, for instance, if you perceive two people shaking hands as a peace-making gesture, then you are probably the kind of person who remains composed in troublesome situations. However, the credibility of this test is still skeptical.

Drawing illusions

Looking at different drawings and concluding what you saw in the picture speaks a lot about your cognitive process. In the following drawing, if you perceived both a bunny and a duck simultaneously, then you tend to be a creative person. But if you could only perceive one of these animals, the probably your logical aspect of personality is relatively stronger.


Body Gestures

Your bodily gestures such as clenched fist holds a lot about you. With a thumb over, you are apparently judged as a witty, confident and an amiable person. However, the unveiled reality is that you are a sensitive at heart person who craves to be around people who can love and support you. You feel vulnerable at times.

Thumb inside portrays you as an extrovert person who is good with dealing people. Deep inside, you are someone who likes socializing but refrain from hurting people.

When your thumb is next to your fist, you are judged as very imaginative and zealot person. Reality suggests that you wish to be accepted by people around you and you tend to remain honest in all situations.

Color perceptions

Did you always see what others see? Has it ever happened that something that you found spectacular didn’t ignite the same enthusiastic response from others because maybe they saw it in a very dull color? Your orange can be someone else’s blue.

If you tend to see orange, then probably you carry a very warm personality and look forward to social contracts. You are optimistic and amiable in nature. But the person who saw the same thing as blue tends to be reliable and peace-loving, who prefer stability in life.

Finding C


Be honest with yourself and count the exact seconds that you took in spotting the letter C in this O grid. If you were smart enough to get this done within 10 seconds then it highlights that you are a quick thinker who can work smartly even in under pressure and can meet deadlines. It may seem a bit weird and fun at the same time, but it says some serious things about who you really are.

Spinner Dancer

Stare at this girl for a while and make a decision about the direction in which she is dancing. You will be a real genius if you perceive her to be moving both ways. Nonetheless, you tend to use logic in your real life situations if you see her moving counterclockwise while you tend to be an innovative minded person if for you, she’s moving clockwise; the left side of the brain dominates in the former case and vice versa.


It is proven that it’s not our physical attire or countenance that reveals who we are, but the tiny, subtle things that we do and our subconscious perceptions unleash our true identity.

The way we perceive and react to things subconsciously speak their own language and it is paramount to decipher its meaning as swiftly as possible. Rather than looking onto hints from others about yourself and then creating our own image, these personality evaluation techniques are an authentic source of one’s self-reflection.

It cannot be contradicted that no two people are the same, and hence, these tactics are not to declare as to how normal you are. So don’t feel afraid while opting for these tests. The social media is inundated with these types of tricks and the sooner you get to know yourself, the better it will be for your relationships, career, personal wellbeing and lifestyle in general.

Don’t feel shy in discovering about yourself. There’s nothing wrong in being different from others. In fact, cherish your uniqueness and idiosyncrasies. Meet your true version with confidence and optimism.

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Are You Really Normal? (TEST)

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