9 Celebs You Didn’t Know Had an Organ Transplant

Organ transplants of various celebrities


Perfect life- Oh really?

All the celebrities who are praised and admired for all the fame they have due to their excellent reputation in their specified fields may appear to be living a perfect life without any problem, but that is not the ultimate truth. Celebrities are just like all other human beings who experience certain challenges in their lives as well. They may be living a seemingly perfect life, but they do experience hardship and struggle at some point in their lives.

Organ Transplant-What is it?

There are many diseases and illnesses which may affect many of us to a great extent and may even become worse over time. Surgery is a serious concern which may be pursued when the health of an individual is in a dangerous state. There are two types of surgeries which may be divided into a major one and a minor one. Here are these celebrities who have undergone a lot of pain and suffering due to a certain illness or disease which made them have this kind of surgery.

Organ Transplant of 9 Celebrities

These are the 15 celebrities from amongst many of them who have had an organ transplant because for some of them it was crucial in order to save their lives, while the rest of them may have donated their organs for the greater good of other humans. You must not have known about their story regarding the organ transplant, so let’s know it in detail today.

9. Tracy Morgan


Who is more deserving?

It is quite astonishing for a lot of people when they get to know about an organ transplant of an individual who ruined his or her organs because of their own constant negligence. Since a lot of people in the world would want to pursue an organ transplant because of their dire needs regarding health precautions. They are considered more deserving than them when it comes to organ transplant.

Adverse effects of diabetes and alcohol abuse

Tracey Morgan is a famous actor and a comedian who has been a part of many films and TV shows. He is known for his excellent comedy and is admired for that since a long time. Unfortunately, he suffered from alcoholic addiction and diabetes due to which he had to pursue an organ transplant.

This all happened because of his negligence as he did not deal with his illness appropriately and made it worse after some years. His fans did not show their support in this regard as they supported those who were more deserving.

8. Natasha Richardson


A famous actress known as Natasha Richardson established an extensive career in acting on stage and screen which made her achieve many things. She was also very famous because she was married to Liam Neeson. Everything went well between them, until Natasha suffered from a skiing accident in Canada which later proved fatal. She donated her organs so that she might be helpful foe someone in times of need. She worked tirelessly for supporting other people, and guided people to get involved in numerous charities.

7. George Lopez


A well-known personality called George Lopez is considered to be an influential Hispanic celebrity, and is famous for producing his own sitcom and even starring in it as well. He puts light on some crucial issues and breaks the stereotypes through his works.

George’s kidneys started to wear away due to genetic reasons, but his wife was a big support for him as she donated her kidney to him for his survival. The kidney transplant saved George’s life and enabled him to shed light on this issue to create awareness among people.

6. Lucy Davis


Lucy Davis is a famous British actress who performed exceptionally well in her comedy works and engages with her audiences well. She won their hearts yet again as she appeared in the film called the wonder woman. Lucy previously suffered from a kidney failure however at that time she was saved by her mother as she donated her kidney to Lucy.

Lucy’s transplant went well but after a lot of years she had to experience kidney failure for another time. Fortunately, things did not get worse as she recovered from her disease, though she had to suffer from diabetes, but she is still optimistic about her future.

5. Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is well known for being the founder of Apple, and his exceptional entrepreneurial inventions and startups.

Steve suffered from tumor due to which his lungs stopped working and it became the cause of his death. Though, previously Steve also suffered from liver problems and required a transplant. He pursued a transplant at the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, which was successfully done. He donated $40 million after his death to the hospital.

4. Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez, a famous personality, has undergone a kidney transplant which was a news for her fans and people around. She took an off from all her work and disappeared from the screen instantly which made everyone wonder about what was actually happening behind the scenes. She released the news regarding it on her social media page and mad her fans go insane.

She is recovering from the operation and making her way through it successfully.

3. Jerry Orbach


Jerry Orbach died in 2004 due to cancer and he did not have any organ transplant from someone else. His great works still makes his fans go crazy and they still love him for all his achievements. He donated his eyes in the end because of the good vision they possessed until the end so he wanted someone to make use of his eyes after he is gone.

He did not donate his heart and lungs though. Later, his corneas were given to two people who were then blessed with a good eye sight and Jerry again won the hearts of his fans even after he was gone.

2. David Crosby


David Crosby, is famous American singer and song-writer for many years, and like many singers and rock stars out there, Crosby is not any different as he has also spent majority of his life being addicted to alcohol and drugs which made him suffer from various diseases and illnesses. His alcohol addiction led him to suffer from liver problems and it required a transplant.

Phil Collins managed to pay for his transplant and treatment, however he did not receive the sympathies of many people in this regard as he still made an excessive use of drugs and alcohol.

1. Shelley Fabares


Shelley Fabares has been an established actor since she was three years old. She has acted on various platforms for a lot of times and sung some songs as well. She has been creating her name in her profession since a very long time and continues to do so.

Shelley suffered from an organ transplant and quite few details were revealed regarding the reasons behind this operation. Later, it was known that she has undergone autoimmune hepatitis which led to her liver transplant. The extreme inflammation of her livers had required her to pursue a transplant instantly before it gets even worse. Shelley successfully had her transplant and continues to live her life with a purpose after that.

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9 Celebs You Didn’t Know Had an Organ Transplant

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