8 Tips for a Happy Relationship from America’s Happiest Couples

A happy relationship is not necessarily just about living the moment and having a good time. Relationship are usually planned to last for a long time or forever as many couples say to each other.

What could be done to improve your relationship a strengthening further o be able to say, Yes, I am in a happy relationship?

It is not enough to be attracted to one and other so that everything happens for the best in the best of worlds! Having a relationship means above all leave a room for the other / others in your life. A relationship is not frozen in time, it varies among individuals with whom we tied ourselves to and being in a happy relationship has not the same meaning for everyone. Here are some tips that you can consider to feel good together.

1. Feeling safe:


In a happy relationship, you should be able to feel safe. Do not fear the reactions of your partner. No one is allowed to run a climate of insecurity, which results in physical or verbal abuse. Humiliation, constant criticism are also forms of violence.

2. Talk.


Most often, a relationship deteriorates when one can no longer talk, listen or be around his partner. Talking about what will we, what we do, what you fancy … what pleases in the other all that to reaffirm your love or desire of your partner. It is important to be able to express yourself, to say what may have hurt, to understand what the other meant, not to let anger build.

It is not always easy, but you can find tips to create a climate conducive to dialogue: sending a message, planning on a romantic dinner, leave a note in the book so he or she can read it later…

3. Share.


Fusion, independent, open … Whatever the nature of your relationship, what can make it last is that you enjoy being and doing things together. That does not mean you must love everything your partner likes or that you are 100% of your time together. However, there should be things, activities, on which you join together, topics or causes you want to defend as a couple.

4. Know how to accept.


Qualities, weaknesses, we all have some. Accepting yourself is not always simple, but it’s important. However also accepting your partner without trying to change him/her and give up wanting to control everything.

5. respect.


In a happy relationship, respect is one of the major fact to consider. First, respect yourself. Knowing how to say “stop” when things go too far. Because they do not correspond to what we are, what we want to. But also respect the other. Accept that your partner has his/her own world, own ideas, he/she makes choices independently.

Never force the other to do something he/she does not want to.

6. Couples in a happy relationship know how to accept the change


No one knows today what tomorrow will be like. One may have said no to something one day, and say yes later, even much later. In the meantime, you will meet other friends, had other experiences, listened to other arguments. You will be thinking what if I had listen and changed?

It can be considered as a sacrifice. However before it is too late, you need to think if some changes can transform your normal relationship to a happy relationship and save your marriage then you at least need to give it a shot.

7. Learn to make confessions:

Katarina Phang

There are things that we say that they are not acceptable and on which we will not compromise. There are others on which we can negotiate, make confessions… A happy relationship is also based on trust and truth. This means that you have to be able to confess, tell the truth and open up to your partner.

8. Fair play


It means accept his faults, admit you made a mistake. This is not demeaning, on the contrary! And it makes relationships so much clearer and strengthens them.

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8 Tips for a Happy Relationship from America’s Happiest Couples

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