8 Stupid Decisions Celebs Were Forced to Apologize For

Mistakes Made by Celebs for Which They Were Forced to Apologize


Human beings are not perfect as we tend to slip and falter occasionally. The only difference when celebrities do it is the huge fan following and having a global audience which look up to them. Their each and every action has an impact on the fans. Since being a celebrity means you will be in the public eye. Such mistakes could be anything involving an affair, a rash decision or an event of the past which one tried to cover. However celebrities are also prone to making mistakes and the following celebrities are just few of the examples when they not only regretted their actions but came forward with apologies.

8. Letterman’s Blackmail


American television host and comedian, David Letterman hosts the late night television talk show, Late Show with David Letterman which is shown live on CBS. On 2nd October, 2009 the show began business as usual with Letterman opening up with “Tonight’s top story is…” and everyone expected another bombardment of dangerous yet amusing wit. However Letterman began to explain how he is in need of a good lawyer and about needing police for protection. The audience thought it was another sarcastic ploy of his and waited for the joke to come but it turned out it was all actually taking place. Letterman was currently being harassed for making unwelcomed advances towards few of the women on his staff team. The audience sat in bewilderment as Letterman kept on talking about how much this is taking toll on his personal life and even admitted to a few sketchy situations he was actually involved in. Coming out into the open about it in such a nonchalant manner earned him laurels from his audience and his show did not take any hit from the negative publicity.

7. Reese’s Arrest


Actress Reese Witherspoon has done fantastic roles in different films and her happy go lucky persona is well admired by her fans. However this lovely and sweetheart image got dented with her arrest. It actually so happened that her husband Jim Toth was driving their car and swerved violently in the traffic. He was clearly driving under the influence and eventually got pulled over by the cop. As the cop proceeded to make arrest Reese walked over to the scene and made a huge argument about the whole deal. The Officer initially told her to retreat peacefully but she stood her ground going on about free citizens’ rights. When she finally threatened the officer with her celebrity status the officer moved in and arrested her as well. The whole thing was captured by the dash camera of cop’s car. She got to spend the night in jail and later she opened up about the whole episode and apologized for her actions. The incident was seemingly not that big of a deal but it still was somewhat scandalous. However she is still loved by her fans and a go-to star for major film producers. The arrest made her learn the hard way that being a celebrity does not make you immune to the law.

5. William’s News Fib


If you are a news anchor there is a huge responsibility on your shoulders to always deliver the truth. Especially if you were the news anchor of Brian William’s magnitude. Touted as the most professional and trustworthy news anchor, William’s commanded a huge respect from his audience and colleagues alike. With his serious demeanor and attractive style of breaking the news he covered many top stories competently and became almost a celebrity in his own right as an anchor on NBC. However in 2015 he himself became the headlines when one of his stories turned out to be a blatant lie. It so happened that he covered the war on terror in Iraq and was in a helicopter which he mentioned got fired at by an RPG. According to his much exaggerated version the helicopter had to be crash landed quickly after taking the hit. Later on it was changed to actually being a close call to being hit by the mythical RPG. However none of the other soldier’s onboard at that time agreed with his revised version.

Soon other lies seem to be uncovered like William never actually saw the fall of Berlin Wall or actually been at Superdome when a suicide event unfolded. As the public pressure increased William came on air and admitted to the fact that helicopter story was nothing but an unnecessary attempt to appear heroic and it was a lie. Although he apologized and came clean he faced six months of suspension given the fact that people looked up to him to break the truth to them. He still is a news anchor however people do not really believe his story especially if he himself is involved in it.

4. Stewart’s Affair


Actress Kristen Stewart was shot to fame by her roles in the Twilight Series movies. Although known for her on set and off set romance with Robert Pattinson she made herself the fodder for tabloids for another incident. As talented an actress as she is she took up her role in another big franchise Snow White and the Huntsmen which is an interesting take on the classic fairy tale. Although the movie received a warm response but it could be partly blamed to the scandal which surfaced right before the release of the movie. It actually involved Kristen and Director Rupert Sanders getting engaged in an affair while on set. The disturbing thing was that Rupert was already married and Kristen was already seeing Robert Pattinson yet they ended up in that situation.

Stewart came out in the open and apologized for her actions however Robert left her not long after the incident. Director Rupert Sanders termed it as “an exciting mistake” which he truly regretted. Although this whole drama and negative publicity may have added to the sales of the film which is a good thing but it still dented Kristen Stewart’s previously clean record.

3. The Hulk Hogan apology


The face of pro wrestling in the 90’s as it evolved into an entertainment in its own right Hulk Hogan’s career was something larger than life. The crowd swayed as he thrashed and bashed the opponent and buried them in the wrestling ring. However he made headlines for the wrong reason in 1991 where he denied taking steroids but later it was found out that he in fact did use steroids. He apologized for his lies and carried on being a professional wrestler and a reality TV star.

However his carrier got hit big time when tapes where he is engaged in racist slurs made to the surface and people learned his use of n word and other profanities by him in 2015. The WWE quickly withdrew any support or trace of him belonging to them and he lost his career as the pro wrestler. Hulk Hogan came forward admitting his mistakes and apologized to the general public. It is indeed unfortunate that such a wrestler is now out of the entertainment business although many people want him back.

2. Spacey’s finally coming out was bad timing


Kevin Spacey is a well-known American actor and director who has also worked in the capacity of a screen writer. His coming out can be shown as an example of how things can go from bad to worse in matter of days. His career got hit by a news which was brought to light by fellow actor Anthony Rapp. According to Rapp, Spacey tried to abuse him when he was 14. Kevin Spacey after learning of the news in the media decided to quell the rumor by being honest about the whole mess. He apologized to Rapp for his behavior and in a bid to compensate his coming out so late he admitted he was a gay. This did not sit well with the Gay Rights group who started a media trial of Kevin and absolutely condemned the actions of the celebrity superstar for trying to cover his abuse with a coming out statement. Although he thought it would be a nice gesture and he would be appreciated for his honesty but it instead made him face flak.

1. Baldwin’s angry rant at daughter


Alec Baldwin is an eccentric actor who is known for his explosive disposition as he is known to have attacked the paparazzi that followed him. His work in the famous show Saturday Night Live imitating President Trump has also endeared him to fans. The incident which made him come forward and regret his actions involved his daughter. His voice message to his eleven year old daughter surfaced in the media somehow where to say he is angry is an understatement. One could determine how angry he was as the least insulting words were “rude and thoughtless”. One could only imagine why Baldwin was so angry with the poor child and not just in the capacity of father to daughter but also as a celebrity the incident was received with widespread criticism. To amend the situation Baldwin went on an apology tour and rectified the original damage done to a large extent.

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8 Stupid Decisions Celebs Were Forced to Apologize For

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