These 8 Criminals Are Basically The Real-Life Versions Of Batman Villains

Normally comic book villains are greater than life characters and always they shall match up in contrast to their superhero counterparts. Few of the very well known villains are:

  • Joker
  • The Penguin
  • Two-Face

In reality, the truth is usually stranger than fiction, therefore, these 8 criminals are real-life versions of few of the greatest comic book villains.

If any of these eight villains knew of their comic book counterparts beforehand would kind of makes you wonder, perhaps few of them even takes their criminal inspiration from them.

It is beyond imagination that a villain could be as extreme as Mr. Freeze has a real-life counterpart, however he does. Mr. Freeze is known for his cold lasers and enjoying ‘cooling off’ his victims.

Richard ‘Iceman’ Kuklinski also enjoyed ‘cooling off’ his victims, the only difference is his were victims were real people. He was a contract killer for the Decavalcante Crime Family back in the 50’s and 60’s and he froze his victims before disposing of the bodies. This was meant to make it more difficult for law enforcement to pinpoint the time of the death of the victim.

Batman’s most notorious enemies are: The Penguin. He had an undesirable love for umbrellas and his birds.

A man was killed in London, England by a still an anonymous man who is thought to have been a KGB agent, with a poison dart fired from an umbrella gun He was not the only criminal who enjoyed using an umbrella as a deadly weapon.

Catwoman is perhaps one of the most attractive villains in comic book history she is also a cat burglar. Frequently she is making Batman’s life hell, she is his love interest.

We can’t tell you with surety but she did have a similar cat mask whether she was inspired by Catwoman A woman decided to try being a cat burglar too. This was the sketch police got to work off as she stole $86 from a shoe store in New York.

From the Batman universe, Two-Face is another villain. He was a lawyer named Harvey Dent who got half his face terrifically scared when he was beaten up in the courtroom by an angry monster.

This Two-Face was a criminal enforcer for the Morales crime family in Camden, New Jersey. Juan Rivera-Velez is also known as ‘Two-Face.’. Nowadays for murder charges he is in jail serving two life sentences.

The Riddler leaves clues to his crimes that only the smartest people can solve he is a villain obsessed with puzzles and riddles.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Zodiac Killer has never been caught.In the same vein was the Zodiac Killer. He sent puzzling letters to law enforcement about his crimes and left weird clues at his crime scenes.

One of the most infamous villains of all time is the Joker. He is Batman’s biggest enemy.

As like The Joker, John Wayne Gacy was not that criminal mastermind although he had the scary crown part down pat. He is referred to as the Killer Clown as he intervene and assaulted 33 boys in 6 years.

The Mad Hatter likes to build gadgets hypnotism and mind control devices.

Vladimir Kozak a real-life criminal took a page out of The Mad Hatter’s book when he was able to aimfully hypnotize bank employees by giving him money and made off with $40,000.00.

Bane is actually a criminal who escaped from an island prison in South America.Having quite a muscular body strength and because of experiments were done upon him. He was called as ‘The Man Who Broke The Bat.’ after he broke Batman’s back.

Kali Muscle, being a real-life typology of Bane, is an ex-con and gang leader.He is known as Mr. Muscle owing to his quite a muscular body is priceless. When it comes to the only thing being distinct about him and Bane is that Mr. Muscle directs his path in the direction of a well-known bodybuilder and motivational speaker for the people.

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These 8 Criminals Are Basically The Real-Life Versions Of Batman Villains

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