63-Year-Old Woman’s Surface Amazing Beach Body Looks Better Than Most 25-Year-Olds — No Surgery Either! (Bikini Pics)

It is commonly said that no matter how old one gets one always remains young at heart.


TGIF…Thank God Im Fit #64 #birthdaycomingsoon #allglorytoGOD #blackgirlsworkouttoo

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It is commonly said that no matter how old one gets one always remains young at heart. What if that was equally true for someone who is 63 years old and yet not only young at heart but also physically in more shape than most 25 year olds.

She is the true definition of age jut being a number when it comes to keeping yourself fit. It is truly incredible to see a person who at 63 carry themselves with such resolve and motivation which is empowering young and old alike. She has an active instagram page where she has over 134,000 followers drawing inspiration from her.

Mother to five grown children, Ellen Ector is currently a fitness trainer and runs a gym in Atlanta. She has a passion for making fitness as a lifestyle and she shares that passion with people from all walks of life.

Ellen would arrange walks for the elderly with diabetes or train children at track and field which simply reflects her dedication to share healthier lifestyle with everyone.

She has an online page Gymnetics Fitness with useful workout videos and also own a beverage company Gym Juice promoting healthier substitutes to sugary drinks and sodas.

Apart from this she has released fitness DVDs ‘Black Girls Workout Too’, in collaboration with her daughter Lana which was an immediate success on the social media and earned her many fans.

The workouts are explained in detail and what is more interesting is they don’t involve little to no gym equipment. In this way people can easily do their workout from their homes and achieve their objectives without any excuse for having no access to gym. The DVD series has already released two parts with third expected this winter.

According to Ellen, she deliberately designed the series in such a way that woman around the world could harness their own potential from the comfort of their homes.

Ellen used to be a social worker, but finally decided to quit her job and dedicate full time to the new fitness regime and make something out of it. It was her interest and as they say do a thing you love and you don’t have to work another day is what kept her going.

She left her job of 20 years as social worker and pursued fitness training since 2009. According to her interview to Buzzfeed Life, she was quoted as saying “’Either you’re gonna do this fitness thing or you’ll be working for someone else for the rest of your life, I haven’t looked back since… I love what I do!”.

Getting these youngins together while here in California. They can't keep up with the Queen tho!!😅😜

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The biggest turning point in her life came when her mother died after battling uterine cancer which was the major impetus for this change. One of the causes behind uterine cancer is obesity which also affects one out of four African American women. According to CDC, 57.6% African American woman who are 20 years and above suffer from obesity. Ellen wanted to demolish these statistics and make healthier lifestyle to be incorporated in individual’s lives.

Ellen knows how to go about disciplining yourself and challenging your body as her physique speaks louder than any words. However she emphasizes on the importance of being mentally fit at first because after all first you need to conquer your inner fears so as to grow. According to her one needs motivation and some clear achievable goals which are realistic.

Ellen is all about consistency instead of short lived burst of intensive training that one leaves after the going gets tough. With a goal in mind all the time, one should attend to one task at a time.

After all, results are not achieved overnight and one needs to persevere through the difficulties. According to her it is never too late to be fit and she is the living embodiment of that. What is required is a serious attitude and small baby steps in the right direction.

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63-Year-Old Woman’s Surface Amazing Beach Body Looks Better Than Most 25-Year-Olds — No Surgery Either! (Bikini Pics)

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