6 Famous WWE Wrestlers You Never Realised Were Gay

It is hard to imagine that superstars from the sports like wrestling would identify themselves as gay

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You may be surprised to learn the names here

Sexual orientation and preference is something which is slowly being accepted more and more in the mainstream. With the historic legislation by United States declaring same sex marriage as legal in 2015, the liberals across the country celebrated the milestone. It was a momentous occasion which empowered individuals to come in the open which previously was considered a taboo subject. Being bisexual or gay was something not seen as ‘normal’ and such individuals were forced to suppress their preferences.

This was done out of fear that they may be alienated and shunned by society, hence they were forced to lead unsatisfactory lives.

However with the efforts of advocacy groups educating the masses and general public about the issue and increasing awareness resulted in more and more people confidently claiming their sexual preferences. Individuals who were previously depressed of identifying their inclinations now were emboldened to make society accept them.

As a result of this increasing acceptance as an essential part of society celebrities with serious fan following threw caution to the wind and began to come forward.

It is hard to imagine that superstars from the sports like wrestling would identify themselves as gay since it is associated with being macho and acting tough. However WWE is all endorsing of their gay superstars, infact you would be surprised to know that many gay wrestlers and managers alike were associated with this organization.

The stereotyping of gay as being weak and not athletic are being challenged every day as more people are proudly claiming their sexuality. Following is the list of some of the superstars from WWE roster from current and vintage era who openly claimed to be a part of the LGBTQ landscape.

6. Paige


Paige started her career very young at 13 years of age being a daughter to a mother who was professional wrestler herself. So this sports is something passed to her in the family.

Today she is one of the most recognizable faces of WWE roster introducing the ‘Divas Revolution’ when she won her match against AJ LEE for Divas Championship. Had it not been for the WWE reality show ‘Total Divas’ where she openly identified herself as bisexual, we would have never known. She is currently dating WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio.

5. Chyna


Famously dubbed as the “Ninth Wonder of the World”, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer got what it took to roll with the big guys in the Attitude era of WWE history. She had the necessary brauns to make her own space and a name for herself in the industry. She also played a little cameo in the D-Generation X faction of that era. Infact had a relationship with fellow DX member Triple H.

She moved to adult entertainment industry after her career at WWE where she starred alongside female as well as male partners. This was the grounds upon which we can be certain she was a bisexual even if it was strictly business to her.

4. Chris Kanyon


The story Of Chris Kanyon need not have been so unfortunate had people been more accepting of homosexuals at his time. Kanyon rose to fame in WWE with his feud with Diamond Dallas Page which made him the center of attention as the up and coming star. Although he was a staunch supporter of WCW until its takeover by WWE where his career suddenly took a nose dive.

His performance was marred with injuries and received less and less air time until finally his career ended in late 2003. Later he leveled allegations against WWE for releasing him on the pretext of being gay.

Although he took his words back citing it as publicity stunt but things were already controversial. He later took his own life in 2010 while writing his memoirs encompassing his career and his constant struggle with coming in the open as gay.

3. Ernie Roth


Roth was a manager for WWE superstars in the earliest days of the industry. He pioneered the role of being a dirt talking manager of superstars who would interfere in the wrestling matches.

He was the modern day Paul Heyman of the early days when WWE was known as Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWF). Dubbed as the Grand Wizard of Wrestling he would always be attired in exotic colors with a turban and shades which lend him a unique presence. Roth passed away in 1983 and only after his death was it discovered that he was openly gay.

2. Darren Young


Young is the only superstar who openly admitted his sexual preference as gay in the history of industry’s superstars. He debuted in the WWE’s very own academy for up and coming stars under the NXT division. Since then his career has progressed in leaps and bounds as he brings dedication and talent to his job which is quite admirable. Young was inspired by the love for his boyfriend to openly admit his sexuality in August of 2013 to the general public. It was nonetheless a brave thing to do since he did not know how the management and his fans would take the news. However several WWE superstars came in support of Young and WWE management also endorsed him and he is still on the roster.

1. Pat Patterson


Another hall of famer like Ernie Roth and interestingly managed by him in his career as well, Pat Patterson is another superstar of the vintage era of WWE. He is still affiliated with the industry as creative consultant.

However, he had humble beginnings and debuted with Wrestling Alliance where he won United States Championship not once or twice but a total of six times before moving to WWE. His affinity for wearing the champion belt also continued in WWE where he became the first intercontinental champion.

Although Patterson did come out about his sexuality in 1970 but his coming out was quickly brushed under the carpet since it was not that mainstream in that era. The league however endorsed his sexuality claims in the late 2014.

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6 Famous WWE Wrestlers You Never Realised Were Gay

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