57% Of Men Are Born Cheater and 8 Signs How To Spot Them

In the hunt for love, we may look for many signs pointing to “yes.” Don’t speak too soon, though. New scientific research suggests that if you really want to see how faithful a potential partner might be, you should look at a specific body part that hangs a little lower.

Don’t worry. Checking them out won’t earn you a slap in the face or a criminal record…

8. Take Your Love Life In Hand


Surprisingly, the key to finding your perfect mate may lie in their hands. Specifically, the relationship between the length of the ring finger and index finger, which is referred to as the 2D:4D ratio.

Best seen when the fingers are placed close together, rather than splayed, this is definitely a case where size matters…

7. Long And Strong Does Not Have It Going On

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Instead of going in for a kiss, you might be better off with a handshake to examine the goods. The research suggests that men who possess ring fingers longer than their index fingers are going to be inclined toward promiscuous behaviors and, sadly, much more likely to cheat on their partners.

Ironic, since a longer ring finger should be keeping those little gold bands securely in place…

6. Small Span, Big Heart

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Biologically, the researchers found that men shook out into two basic categories, playfully referred to as “Cad or Dad.”

The men in the “Dad” group ended up being the devoted partners who were much less likely to stray. They were found to have a ring and index finger of comparable length.

5. Sexy Science


Scientists at the University of Oxford studied around 2,000 subjects from ages 18–63 living in Great Britain and the United States. Researchers examined correlations between hand shape and sexual habits regarding promiscuity and infidelity.

Amazingly, the finding from this study and other similar research suggests that these sexual proclivities may be wired into personality in vitro…

4. Blame Testosterone

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It’s thought that fetal exposure to high levels of testosterone during gestation has an effect on finger length. Those with longer ring fingers were exposed to more testosterone, which is the hormone chiefly linked to sex drive.

This warning is not just for women, though. Before you put a ring on it, gents, you might want to measure it first, because…

3. Equal Opportunity Cheaters


You might find this even more surprising: The correlation between finger length and faithfulness isn’t tied to gender. Both men and women were included in the study, and unfortunately, the same tendency toward cheating was present in women with longer ring fingers.

However, the news isn’t all bad…

2. Design Isn’t Destiny


While the “finger test” may be an indicator, it isn’t a signed and sealed confession.

“Human behavior is influenced by many factors, such as the environment and life experience,” says Professor Robin Dunbar. “What happens in the womb might only have a very minor effect on something as complex as sexual relationships.”

1. No Guarantees


While genetic wiring can make certain behaviors more likely, humans are creatures of free will. We can and do make better (or worse) decisions than our biology might dictate.

So take a closer look at the hand that reaches for that first date coffee, but don’t automatically rule out date number two!

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57% Of Men Are Born Cheater and 8 Signs How To Spot Them

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