50+ Genius Halloween Costume Ideas for Parents With Baby Carriers


Halloween is just around the corner and you don’t have a babysitter yet? What if I were to tell you that actually, maybe you don’t need one!

With a bit of creativity you can quite easily incorporate your little bundle of joy into your scary costume, with the help of a baby carrier and some DIY skills.

We here at Bored Panda have helpfully put together a list of people who have done just that, which you can use for inspiration. So scroll down to check out the list below, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite. It’s Halloween, baby!

Halloween is just round the corner and as can be expected, we’re all looking for costumes we can pull off this time.

Here are great costumes that don’t leave your kids feeling left out. The creativity in some of these is unprecedented.

#1. Mr. President



Rdt156 // reddit


Reireiinc // instagram


Kalvin74 // reddit

#5. Baby Rapunzel


#6 We’ve Got This


#7 Baby’s First Halloween


#8 Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume


#9 E.T. And Elliot Costume


#10 Totoro

Heytamara // Instagram

#11 Awesome Costume

WrapYourBaby // Twitter

#12. The pot of gold


#13 The Baker And Her Cupcake


#14 Frida

Mama2nico_nova // Instagram

#15 Tandem Skydiver

Committedmoms // Instagram

#16 Pirate And Parrot


#17 Sloth Baby And Mother Tree Costume

Aaron Dyer

#18 Octopus Baby Costume


#19 The Wrecking Crew Dad And Boys Costumes


#20 Chef And Lobster Costume


#21 The Original Presidential Babies

Meganjeyifo // Instagram

#22. Red riding hood

Iandisurfvive // Instagram

#23 Tony The Tiger


#24 This Awesome Costume

Dcpg // Instagram

#25 Over The Rainbow

Roberto Caruso

#26 Maleficent And Her Raven

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\26.jpgKellyejensen // Instagram

#27 My Husband And My Little Yoda

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\27.jpgJkaitlinn // Instagram

#28 Zombie Baby

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\28.jpgRoger Arnefalk

#29 The bee farm

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\29.jpgErgobaby // Instagram

#30 Hodor

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\30.jpgHeartSocialMedia

#31 Mario Family

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\31.jpgBarbacoa_eskimoa

#32 King Kong Baby

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\32.jpg1337mom

#33 Trash Can Monster

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\33.jpgKristyboou // Instagram

#35 Mouse And Cheese

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\34.jpghappybabywrap

#36 Bruce

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\35.jpgMishaystratton // Instagram

#37 The Bowl Of Spaghetti

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\37.jpgShelby H.

#38 Cabbage Patch Doll

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\38.jpgJdeets // Instagram

#39 Safari Baby

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\40.jpgReireiinc // Instagram

#40 Baby Hedwig

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\42.jpgIbarden_xo // Instagram

#41 Harry Potter

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\39.jpgPositivelyoakes // Instagram

#42 Doctor Who

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\41.jpgBabyNomNom

#43 Devil And Angel

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\43.jpgbabyhardybrand

#44 Family Costume

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\44.jpgJustsamsofar // Instagram

#45 Feed me!

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\45.jpgStashleeve // Instagram

#46 Tauntaun And Luke Costume

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\46.jpgHippieKender

#47 Pot

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\47.jpgTcp

#48 The Avengers

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\48.jpgShilahk // Instagram

#49 The Space Voyage

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\49.jpgMelodymakesmusic // Instagram

#50. Groot

C:\Users\Ahsan Minhas\Desktop\Writing\2503\50.jpgcassiedull

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50+ Genius Halloween Costume Ideas for Parents With Baby Carriers

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