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Tupac is a chaotic figure to wrap your head around. As much as the class has revered him after his passing, he had genuine blemishes throughout his life. He was sent to jail for rape and kept up his purity until the day he kicked the bucket, however it’s something that aficionados of the rapper need to figure with.

Considering that, it merits tuning in to this meeting with Ayanna Jackson, the lady who blamed Tupac for driving himself on her years back.

Jackson said that she met Tupac at a club called Nell’s the point at which she was 18. She said that Tupac moved toward her from behind in the club and put his hands into her back pockets. She obliged the move and went out to the dancing floor with Tupac close behind to move.

She says that they were moving and kissing at the club. Along these lines, Vlad pushed her to clarify how the night advanced in more detail.

“As we were dancing and kissing…he lowered my head,” she said. “I did not give fellatio that night on the dance floor.” She said that she lifted her head go down and viewed the move as “all in good fun.”

She said that they backpedaled to his inn and got private. She called him the morning after and disclosed to Tupac that she had an extraordinary time. That is not at issue here. The issue developed when Ayanna backpedaled to hanging out with Pac.

She said that she hung out “two or three times before the actual incident.”

“We would have dinner,” she said. “I would come there into the city and we would just hang out and have a good time.”

She said that they weren’t sexually associated with their later gatherings and afterward gets to the night being referred to.

The Night Of
Source: Instagram @icecreamconvos_

“I received a call from Charles Fuller,” she said. “He’s like ‘Pac wants to see you.’”

She said that she touched base to a horde of Tupac and his partners. In the long run, Tupac and Ayanna wind up on the bed with her giving the rapper a back rub.

“He grabs the back of my head. He pulls me down and we start kissing,” she said. “The door opens. There’s light there’s noise coming from the living room, pouring into where we are.“

She said that she attempted to move in the direction of the commotion and Tupac prevented her from turning her head.

“He grabs the back of my head and he wraps my braids around his hand,” she said. “I’m hearing these people come in the room. And he’s like ‘Relax, baby.’”

Hear Her Story

She said that she was endeavoring to make sense of what was happening while the rapper continued advising her to unwind.

“These are my boys,” she guarantees he advised her. “I like you so much I decided to share you with them.”

She said that she endeavored to escape and over and over revealed to him that that was not what she needed.

“I came here for you,” she said. “This is not what I want.”

She said that her dress and pantyhose were ripped off of her by the men. She said that Tupac constrained himself upon her by then and the men in the room did likewise after Tupac left. The entire story is nerve-racking and worth a watch. Look at the meeting up top.

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