Here 25 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time

While watching a movie have, you ever come across specific scene makes which makes you go crazy?I am sure there would have been if you haven’t been living in a cave, you know that there have been countless movies with such moments. When you try to pause every single frame, just to get a glance at that particular scene.

There’s no denying that the 80’s and 90’s were the golden decades of Hollywood as those were the movies of the good old times. And most the super-hit films had such scenes. One of the main reasons for them being so popular is maybe these beautiful moments scenes from the movie.

Therefor Rad Beaver has compiled a list of 25 most paused moments in various movies.Many of them were shocking, while most of them were extremely sexy. You may come across some serious flashbacks so go through all.

25. Fast Times At Ridgemont (1982)

A scene where Phoebe Cates, in slow motion, takes off her bra while after she steps out from the swimming pool is an absolute pool scene which made the whole movie seem interesting. Almost every person jaws dropped who saw the scene.

24. Titanic

One of the famous scenes of all time “Paint me like one of your French girls”  is arguably amazing. In this scene, “Leonardo di Caprio” tries to sketch Rose (Kate Winslet).

23. Scanners

Scanners gave a lot of people goosebumps and moment to pause, it is a sci-fi thriller. Everyone wanted to see just how the head explodes as this particular scene made people so curious.

22. Cabin In The Woods

The scene showed scientists with a list of all monsters written on board. At that moment all of the pause buttons were smashed when this particular scene came up. This scene was known to be paused and gazed on, broadly as curiosity struck to most of the people.

21. Wizard Of Oz

If you see right in the center of the frame, you’d see something hanging. This caused a wide-spread of controversy that a munchkin had hung himself. However, in reality, it was nothing but a bird.So here we have presented a still scene from one of the best films ever made.

20. Gladiator

To make it flip, gas cylinders were used, under the chariot in the movie Gladiator and they functioned flawlessly.

19. The Little Mermaid

These lovely Disney days, in the movie The Little Mermaid, something went horribly wrong just look at the priest, you’ll get whats wrong. Those were the films that every family used to watch without a worry about obscene scenes. However, take a close look.

18. Fight Club

There comes a scene in the movie Fight Club, where Brad Pitt appears for a fraction of a second on screen. At the exact moment, this has led hundreds of people to hit the pause button.

17. She’s The Man

Everyone went crazy by a single shirt lift from Amanda Bynes. The viewers pause to get the most of the scene where she attempts to prove the guys that she was a girl .

16. Total Recall

Honestly, how much bizarre could it be? Here’s a no-brainer, a three-breasted woman would make anyone flip out.

15. Pyscho

Alfred Hitchcock shows his brilliance by adding a concise glimpse of a skull on Norman Bates face before the movie ends. At the right moment, people try to pause to get that moment.

14. Wolf Of Wall Street

The ever nubile Margot Robbie with no panties on would make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Like seriously who wouldn’t fall for this one?

13. The Lion King

By a single minute mistake Walt Disney film that faced controversy. The typography showed it meant to be ‘SFX’ but was mistaken for ‘SEX’.

12. Boogie Nights

People pause to gaze at Mark Wahlberg manhood in the scene, where he unzips his pants and sets his package free.


Here’s a scene where characters inside a game find other games in there too. You can see PacMan going on the right side of the screen although it was meant to be an Easter Egg.

10. Star Wars: A New Hope

The greatly admired fails in a movie when the stormtrooper at the right hits his head on the door while a bunch of them walk through.

9. Three Men And A Baby

Do you see a boy like a figure standing at the door? That’s nothing but Ted Danson made out of cardboard.

8. Jurassic World

What do you do when a wicked dinosaur appears out of nowhere while you’re enjoying the margaritas? You save your margaritas of course.

7. Iron Man

See that Captian America’s shield over there? This had people debating three years earlier than the character’s arrival in the film series.

6. The Rescuers

If you stay observant during this scene, you’d see a strange window in the animation. If you pause at the right time, you’ll see a naked woman on the window, something really not appropriate in a Disney Film.

5. Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The first Indiana Jones was surely memorable. So was the scene where a fly had a trip into Belloq’s mouth during his lines.

4. The Exorcist

Surely not one of your proudest memorable moments.

3. Signs

Here’s a glimpse of that alien that’s been haunting all along the film.

2. Pulp Fiction

Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of Bruce Willis’ baloney pony.

1. Burn After Reading

You’ll find yourself rewinding a number of times watching as the Brad Pitt’s head explodes after that fatal headshot.


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Here 25 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time

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